Johnson brothers sign with Faulkner

Published 2:15 pm Friday, January 29, 2021

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Zack and Luke Johnson signed to soar with the Faulkner University Eagles. Zack and Luke have made a mark at Brantley High School and are embracing their next steps. The twin sons of Courtney Morrow have certainly made their mama proud. Signing with Faulkner made sense for the boys and their supportive family. Zack and Luke agreed that once they were introduced to Faulkner and the Christian environment, they were hooked. While laughing and full of joy, Morrow said, “I told the boys that they could not go to different colleges to play football because that would make my Saturdays too difficult.”


After a brief stint at Straughn High School, the boys returned to Brantley for their sophomore year. Without hesitation they joined the Bulldog football team. Because of the transfer rule, the twins were not allowed to play on the field their sophomore year, however, they still participated in practices, workouts, and any other activities that head coach Roland Jones Jr. threw at them. According to Jones, “Zack and Luke worked hard and have a desire to play.” Once they were able to hit the field, they came out full force and were true team leaders. They are quick to pray, quick to rally the troops, and quick to lift up their teammates.


Zack and Luke have a following like no other. Their grandfather and family patriarch, Lynn Johnson has helped the boys to grow and has instilled in them the embodiment of hard work, determination, and the importance of education. Mr. Lynn sat at a table at Brantley High School and signed his commitment with Auburn University 49 years ago and proudly said, “Football trains you for life.” He advises his grandsons to get an education, have fun, travel, and make the most of their football experience. Zack and Luke credit their grandfather for being the father figure in their lives and teaching them that football and life are what you make it. “It ain’t gonna be easy, but it will be worth it,”  Lynn Johnson said.


Having the opportunity to see Zack and Luke grow, it was an honor to speak with them for their very first interview. Both young men, well posed, well spoken, and genuine to a fault showed why there is really no “I” in “team.”

The Journal interviewed them separately with intentions of getting different perspectives, reactions, and answers.

They echoed each other in true twin fashion.

Zack Johnson, “I want to thank God and  my grandaddy because he is the man I want to be, and my mama because she is always on my side, my family because they are always there, and you know, my coaches because they pushed me.” The whole school knows the Johnson twins. Walking through after a game one could hear little kids yelling, “Hey Luke, Hey Zack.” The boys would stop to speak to the kids and really invest time with them. When asked, Luke said if he could leave a message for the young kids,  he said, “Don’t stop, keep pushing and keep reaching for those dreams, they will come true if you work and trust in God.” Morrow had one more piece of advice for her boys and anyone that ventures from a little town, “Don’t forget where you come from.” Sound advice from a small town mama to the kids leaving their forever homes to chase their dreams.