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Ministry organizes outreach on Jan. 25

The Soldiers of the Cross-Outreach Ministries recently organized an outreach demonstration at the Butler County Courthouse on Jan 25.

Soldiers of the Cross is a nondenominational Christian organization whose sole purpose is to bring people into an intimate relationship with Christ.

Monday’s demonstration was the first time that Soldiers of the Cross had organized an event at the courthouse. And according to Stacy Cobb, a member of Outreach Ministries and a participant in the demonstration, the response from residents was entirely positive. “We’ve gotten a lot of people passing by the courthouse expressing their support,” she said. “Several people have given us a friendly wave or a honk. A few people have even rolled their window down and thanked us for spreading the word of Christ.”

According to Brady Mobley, a minister in training who also participated in the demonstration, they want to bring everyone who believes in Christ together. “It doesn’t matter what denomination you belong to,” he said. “The Gospel is the Gospel and we are just hear to talk to people about Jesus. You’ll turn people away from God if your message is too judgmental.”

Besides speaking to people about Jesus, participants of these outreach demonstration’s also pass out bibles and pray for or with people who need spiritual guidance.