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Greenville Police warn residents to be aware of local scam



The Greenville Police Department wants the public to be aware of a recent scam attempt that is affecting local residents.


Many Greenville residents have received a check in the mail for up to $3,000 along with a letter asking residents if they are interesting being a sponsor for a product by advertising it on their personal vehicle.


The letter further explains how to deposit the check provided along with instructions to send $2,000 to the company so that they can create the advertising wrap for your vehicle.


The check sent to residents is fake and will be denied days after depositing it in their account. Anyone who deposits the check will need to repay the money back to the bank.


Greenville Police Chief Justin Lovvorn said it’s important residents remember not to trust any request to cash unknown checks or give out personal information to the people calling or emailing you. Do not cooperate until you can verify their identity.


“Don’t be afraid to ask the individual who is talking to you questions about who they are and what phone numbers they can be reached at.  If they are hesitant to give information to you, this is a red flag that it is a scam,” he said.