Local family purchases mud park near Troy

Published 4:21 pm Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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The Heart of Dixie Trail has been in Richard Dunn’s family for five generations, but he recently decided to sell it to Diana and Travis Colquett of Crenshaw County.

“My husband and our three boys have loved coming out here to ride, play in the mud, and just enjoy the outdoors,” Diana Colquett said. “There’s not another place like this in Troy, so we wanted to make sure it stayed open and available for everyone to enjoy.”

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The Colquett family spent a lot of time at the park before purchasing it, and they are looking forward to being able to continue riding the trials on their four-wheelers or side-by-sides and swimming in the creek in the summer.

“It’s something we can all do together as a family and it’s something we all enjoy,” Colquett said.

The 800 acres of riding land at the Heart of Dixie Trail is available to four-wheelers, ATV’s, side-by-side’s, and the like. While the trails are no longer for horses, stables are still available for an overnight stay for travelers.

Colquett explained that they are going to keep all the prices the same. “Having a bigger family, we liked that it was affordable for us. We know how expensive things can get, so we want to keep the prices affordable for families,” she said.

Since purchasing the land, the Colquett’s have added a few new things and have plans for more additions. New items including Gator waders, jackets, and boots have been added to the store.

Colquett has plans to cut out some of the undergrowth around the creek to make it easier for people to park and hang out at the popular spot. “My boys love to zipline into the creek, so we’re planning to clean up the area with the zipline, add some picnic tables, and little grills,” she explained.

She is also looking for a food vendor to come out to the park every weekend, so campers and visitors will have the option to buy food.

The campground now has nine cabins, three campers for visitors to rent, and camp sites for people who bring their own campers. Bathhouses with showers are also available for campers.

The park is a great option for birthday parties or other events, as guests will have the option to rent out the pavilion. Campers will also have access to the swimming pool located behind the campground.

The cabins at Heart of Dixie Trails range in size and price. To book a cabin you can schedule your visit by calling the main office.

“We just want to keep the trails up and keep it a family-friendly atmosphere so everyone can come have a good time,” Colquett said.

Colquett explained that she plans to carry on Dunn’s traditions, honor the work that he’s put into Heart of Dixie Trails, and keep the park nice for everyone to enjoy.