EMA director: Be cautious this holiday season

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Crenshaw County has logged 10 new COVID-19 cases in the last week, EMA Director Elliott Jones said.

“We have 29 presumed active cases tonight,” he said. “We also have logged no deaths this week. We are still well behind July and August.”

However, Jones said that it’s important to remember that with the holiday season at hand, the county’s COVID-19 numbers can quickly get out of control if caution is not exercised.  Crenshaw County’s current numbers as of tonight are as follows:

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Total case rate: 530

Total tests performed to date: 3,620

Total case to test ratio: 14.64%

Total death count: 28 confirmed

Jones said that it’s important for everyone to know what is going on, especially due to the enormous spike in new cases that have far surpassed anything that we have seen so far on a national level.

“The national daily new case average is more than double what it has been since the next highest month and continues to grow week to week rapidly,” he said. “There is no doubt that the colder weather has added growth; the primary concern is the beginning of the holiday season coupled with these other factors having the potential to impact us locally. Our county is still doing well in comparison, but if we do not work together in keeping large holiday season community gatherings from occurring, the consequences could be catastrophic. We have to keep in mind that Alabama was one of the latter states affected initially, and Crenshaw County was one of the last counties to be affected in Alabama. I fear that what is happening in other parts of the nation is on its way here. The state numbers have already started to snowball; we possibly are not far behind.”

Jones shared another portion of data:

• Crenshaw County case daily growth average: 1.91 average per day(increase of 55.28% from October of 1.23)

• State case growth daily average: 1,376.82 average per day(Increase of 59.62% from October average of 862.52)

• State death growth daily average: 17.82 average per day(increase of 50.25% from October average of 11.86)

• State hospitalization growth daily average: 136.32 average per day(Increase of 32.34% from October average of 103)