County, community’s past fascinating to visit

Published 3:05 pm Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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I know there are those who find history a dry and dull subject. That’s never been the case for me. I was reading copies of “Good Old Days” magazine from the local drugstore when I was eight or nine years old (and I still read the magazine today). I never met a history class in high school or college that I didn’t like. I have numerous volumes of historical reference and historical fiction on shelves and in stacks.

The past is not only fascinating to visit; it also shapes the attitudes and actions of today.

Without a doubt, the events that have unfolded during this year like no other in most of our lives, will be looked back upon with great interest in the decades to come. Is it possible that, even with the pandemic, economic woes and social unrest, that we will be able to look back on these trying times and still count them as our own good old days, finding some silver linings in these current dark clouds?

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As I researched my story on the history of Tiger Stadium, I came across some many interesting subjects along the way that I think will make for enjoyable reading for you. So I have started compiling a list of possible story ideas from the past I am considering for future issues of our paper.

For example, did you know that Butler County once had thriving strawberry crops, and that Georgiana had its own Strawberry Festival to celebrate the annual juicy harvest?

Do you remember the monkeys that once lived on Monkey Island at Beeland Park in Greenville? Where did they come from, and what was their eventual fate?

Did you ever visit Killough Lake, better known as Lake Jane, back in its heyday? Does it still exist in the woods of northeastern Butler County?

Where was Greenville’s first motion picture house? When did the first “talkies” come to the Camellia City?

Did you know Butler Springs was once a very popular resort destination for some far-flung visitors to the county?

Those are just some of the ideas currently stirring around in my head. I am sure some of you have others. I would love to hear them, and also get any input you might have on the story ideas mentioned above.

Also, if you played on a Greenville High School football team, played in the band, cheered from the sidelines or just loved coming to games from the 1940s through today, I would love to hear from you! You can email me at, message me on Facebook or leave a message at 334-382-5145.