Local girl donates her hair to Wigs for Kids

Published 2:00 pm Saturday, July 18, 2020

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A local nine-year-old girl got a summer haircut that isn’t just cool — it’s for a very good cause.

“Olivia and I were talking and I told her about how some kids are born with a condition called alopecia and are never able to really grow their hair, and other kids get cancer and the treatment makes their hair fall out,” Alaina Till Norman, Olivia’s mother, explained. “And that made Olivia so sad that some kids, especially other little girls, don’t have hair. So she decided to get her long hair cut so she could donate it to someone who needs it.”

Olivia talked to her aunt, Robyn Curry at Cuts by Robyn, located inside Pam’s Creative Styles in Georgiana. Curry explained that in order for Olivia to donate her hair for a wig, the youngster would need to give up at least 12 inches of hair.

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“Olivia was a little reluctant at first when she found out how much would have to be cut off, but she decided to do it anyway,” Norman explained.

Ultimately, Curry cut off a little less than 13 inches of Olivia’s tresses last week. The two braids have been sent to Wigs for Kids.

“I am really excited that I could help another little girl,” Olivia, a student at McKenzie School, said. “I’m used to having really long hair, but the good thing about it now is there isn’t so much to brush.”

Norman said that Wig for Kids was chosen by the family due to the fact they offer their custom made hair pieces to children in need of them at no cost to the child’s family.

“There are several programs to which you can donate hair, but we felt this was the right one for Olivia’s donation,” Norman said. “We hope other kids will consider doing something like this. You are never too young to help someone else in need.”

Wigs for Kids (www.wigsforkids.org) accepts both donations of hair from individuals and financial contributions to help cover the cost of creating the custom wigs and pay for products, services and support.