Even with COVID, life is good

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Life is definitely different these days. There are “sneeze guards” at checkouts in retail outlets. Some dining rooms at local eateries are still closed, while those which are open must keep capacity lower than normal. Doctor’s offices have to limit the number of people allowed in waiting rooms and masks are required.

Getting your hair done or your pinkies painted? Expect to be asked to wear a mask, come alone and wait your turn in your car until called in. Stylists and nail technicians are spending twice as much time to serve half as many clients because they are taking extra precautions above and beyond to make sure they and their customers  stay well. 

With coronavirus cases continuing to rise in our county and state, I personally appreciate every single effort by local businesses and professionals to keep us healthy.

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Let’s face it: we are all heartily sick and tired of COVID-19. Alas, it is not done with us yet. It doesn’t care that we’re long since bored with dealing with it, anxious to return to normal or that the masks are hot and uncomfortable or that our hands are drying out from all that washing.

While there is no mask ordinance in place in our local communities, I always wear a mask when I am out and about. And I have some dandy ones, too. My “astronaut cat” mask seems to be a real crowd- pleaser. If I can make people smile while we are in the midst of a pandemic, well, that’s a good thing.

There are several local ladies who are aces at making masks — some have been featured in stories in our three papers — and if you need a mask that shows your love for your team, for the Marvel Universe, mermaids, God and country or any other subject under the sun, they can likely create one for you.

I admit I try to keep my trips to town to a minimum and avoid spending much time in the big box stores — something I would suggest to everyone. Make your shopping trips count and if at all possible, don’t carry a houseful of people with you. If it’s not
absolutely necessary — stay put.

I’ve been able to work from my country home most of the time through this pandemic, and I don’t take that for granted.

I am thankful for modern technology, with phones, emails, texts and Facebook Messenger allowing me to “reach and touch someone” while maintaining social distance and keeping both of us healthy.

And while we still need to keep our distance, we definitely are still being social. I’ve said before it should not be called “social distancing,” but “physical distancing.”

We can still encourage each other, laugh with each other, congratulate each other, grieve with and for one another and
celebrate together — even while we are apart.

I’ve loved the “drive by” birthday, graduation and anniversary celebrations I’ve seen on social media. I have sent dozens of virtual hugs to friends and family members during this year so unprecedented in my lifetime. It helps. It all helps.

Yes, life is definitely different. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be good and worth living.