Deputies probe three shootings in a week

Published 11:09 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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The Butler County Sheriff’s Office investigated three separate shooting incidents last week that left two people hospitalized, two in jail and a vehicle damaged.

On June 3, deputies responded to the Chapman Post Office where a vehicle had been hit by multiple shots.

“No one was hurt, but the vehicle was hit,” Sheriff Danny Bond said. “The case is still under investigation and the U.S. Postal Inspector is involved. There is no evidence to say this is related to current events happening in our state.”

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Then over the weekend several more shootings occurred including one that left two people wounded.

“On Friday night, we had a shooting where apparently the two offenders were shooting at each other and both of them got hit,” Bond said. “They are both at the hospital and we’ll arrest them as soon as they get out.”

Bond did not release the names of the two involved in the shooting.

“The second shooting was on Saturday night,” he said. “Two other gentlemen got into an altercation and one subject got shot in both arms. He (the shooter) left the scene and got into it with his girlfriend and evidently shot at her and grazed her across the temple.”

Deputies went in search of the subject and found him late Sunday.

“We found him about midnight or so,” Bond said. “We made two arrests there. We got the response team from Greenville out there. It wasn’t a standoff or a hostage situation, but it could have very well went that way in a hurry.”

Nobody was injured in the apprehension.

“I want to say thanks to the Greenville Police Department for the assistance they provided in these cases,” Bond concluded.