Teen cashier arrested for felony theft

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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A 16-year-old Greenville fast food restaurant cashier was arrested and charged with felony theft and fraudulent use of a credit/debit card last week.

According to investigators with the Greenville Police Department, the Investigation Division was notified on Feb. 4, of a fraudulent use of a debit/credit card by a victim who resides in Greenville. The alleged fraudulent charge took place on Jan. 28. 

“Investigators obtained bank records from the victim and found the location and time that the card was illegally used and were then able to use that information to track down the location that the card number was stolen from,” GPD Chief Justin Lovvorn said. “Investigators had evidence to show that the offender likely worked at a local fast food restaurant in Greenville.”

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According to GPD reports, investigators then visited the restaurant and obtained video footage from an earlier date that showed a drive-thru cashier using their cell phone to take a picture of the victim’s credit card after the victim handed the card to them to pay for their food. 

“It only took the cashier a couple of seconds to take the picture while the card was out of view from the victim,” Lovvorn said. “The investigators were then able to arrest the offender”

Lovvorn said he was proud of the quick action of his officers.

“I would like to commend the Investigation Division for their efforts and hard work in locating and putting all the evidence together in order to find and arrest the person responsible for this crime,” he concluded.

The GPD offers some tips to help make sure you do not become the victim of a stolen credit card or identity theft. 

• Try not to make purchases online with a debit or credit card that is attached to your bank account.  This is also true in a situation where you hand your card to someone and may lose sight of the card momentarily, like in a drive thru.  It is much safer to use cash, a prepaid credit card, gift card, or a card that is not attached to your checking or savings account.  This will make it easier on you if a fraudulent charge does occur and you will not be out any money.  You can simply dispute the charge and not have to worry about waiting for it to be put back into your checking or savings.

• Check your personal accounts weekly if not daily to ensure no fraudulent charges have posted.

• Always get a receipt and save it for at least three months.

• Check your credit report at least every six months.  Visit:  www.usa.gov/credit-reports to learn not only how to check your credit but improve your credit score as well. 

• Be careful to never leave your credit cards unattended where others may have access to them.  Treat them like you would a stack of money.  If you put them down, make sure they are secure. 

If you believe that you have become a victim of theft, call the GPD at (334) 382-7461.