Luverne Rotary Club honors All-County athletes

Published 1:26 pm Thursday, January 30, 2020

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The Luverne Rotary Club held a ceremony for its hand-selected All-County athletes on Monday, January 27 at the Luverne United Methodist Dei Center.

All-County football players and Senior cheerleaders were all honored.

Rotary Club President Jud Flint led the event before handing it off to county Circuit Clerk and Rotary member Jeannie Gibson to introduce each coach.

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Brantley High School

BHS head coach Roland Jones, Jr. praised his players for their performance throughout the year.

“The seven young men selected for All-County represented our program with class and good sportsmanship. I’m honored to be their coach, and because of their work ethic, drive and team-above-self attitude, they made my job easy,” he said.

Brantley ended the season 11-2, falling to Sweet Water in the second round of the playoffs. The BHS players honored included:

l Tucker Kilcrease: Quarterback

l Messiah “Billy” Burnett: Wide Receiver

l Morell Edwards: Wide Receiver

l Kenuwyn Dixon: Wide Receiver

l Lucas Richardson: Defensive Back

l Bo Cook: Defensive End

l Carson Jones: Linebacker

Brantley High School Senior cheerleaders honored at the event included:

l Anna Katherine Kimbro

l Emory Bush

l Hannah Fisher

Crenshaw Christian Academy

CCA head coach Wayne Grant spoke at the event about his 2019 football team.

“Anyone here today, it’s a reflection of the things you’ve done right along the way. I want to congratulate the athletes from CCA and all the other schools for doing what it takes to get where you are,” Grant said.

Assistant coach Tom Compton read out the names of the honored players and briefly overviewed the Cougars season.

“We had a 10-1 record, were the region champs and outscored our opponents 449-65 on the season. On defense we only allowed 76 yards per game,” Compton said.

The Cougars fell in the AISA class A semi-finals.

CCA football players honored were:

 Tristan Jordan: Quarterback

 John David Taylor: Running Back

 Preston Owens: Tight End

 John Austin Roper: Defensive Back

 Christian Holloway: Defensive Back

 Ty Singleton: CCA

 Dalton James: Linebacker

 Chandler Mitchell: Linebacker

 Reid Compton: Defensive Line

 Tymon Knighten: Defensive Line

CCA Senior cheerleaders honored included:

 Savannah Jones

 Lori Anne Newton

 Becca Billings

 Chloe Mills

 Emily Spires

Highland Home High School

Highland Home head coach Will Pouncey also took time to speak well of his football team. “I’m extremely proud of these young men and what we accomplished as a team. These guys have won 27 of the last 31 games we’ve played… this is the standard we’re playing to now. We plan to continue the program that we have,” he said.

Highland Home football honorees included:

 John Tyler Hoffman- Athlete

 Austin Hebert- Lineman

 Owen McCullough- Lineman

 Cade Mansmann- Running Back

 Andrew Gipson- Wide Receiver

 Roosevelt Harris, Jr.- Defensive Back

 Keldric Faulk- Defensive End

 Cole Hobbs- Linebacker

Highland Home Senior cheerleaders included:

 Hannah Lowe

 Natalee Register

Luverne High School

Lastly, Luverne head coach Scott Rials reiterated his praise of his team from last week’s Luverne athletic banquet.

“I’m proud of our team; it’s our third straight year of winning double-digit games. We also kept our string of 37 years in a row of making playoffs,” he said.

LHS football honorees include:

 Jackson Miller- Lineman

 Tony Bell- Lineman

 Austin Boswell- Lineman

 Kee-shaun Glanton- Running Back

 Nikki Taylor- Wide Receiver

 Ra Ja Moneyham- Wide Receiver

 Satyler Wilson- Wide Receiver

 Dayomas Magwood- Linebacker

 Arian Gregory- Linebacker

 P.J. Rich- Defensive Line

LHS Senior Cheerleaders honored included:

 Libby Jones

 Abbey Taylor

 Riley Marchand

 Jamilyn Wright

The Chicken Shack catered the event. The Luverne Rotary Club All-County Sports committee includes: Mike Jones (chair), Jeannie Gibson, Yvonne Noble, Connie Garmon and Tonya Crowe.