Letter to the Editor: Reader weighs in on politics

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, May 4, 2019

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For public awareness of the many things our state government leaders are doing to us by the most liberal (lacking moral restraint) of all times, and now the appropriate time is at hand for, “We the people of Alabama,” to come together with sufficient support from caring citizens of this state to counter such negative leading.

I have a list of the lawmaker’s names that voted no on the gas/fuel tax and is available to anyone that would like to see it. In the Alabama House there were 19-R. and 2-D.; in the Senate were 5-R. and 1-D. — I long to see the day for a much needed day of reckoning and rude awakening for the elected ones guilty of defying their oath of office and constitutional law. Such defying has gone too far and, “We the people of Alabama,” need to challenge such ongoing downward trend to liberalism with such that will provide for a new beginning — a far better quality of life for everyone — that will indeed chart the course to moral and fiscal sanity. This day can only be accomplished by bringing about the many needs to do it.

The good people of Alabama when assembling the components for the Constitution invoked the favor and guidance of Almighty God. This does not allow for gambling and is permanently prohibited by Art. IV, Sec. 65 of the Alabama Constitution. No support either for marijuana and hemp. This new beginning in effect will reduce crime and resolve prison overcrowding by building one new maximum security and repairing all others as needed. Funding for this will come from strengthening criminal laws that will discourage crime. Abolishing the pardon and parole board and let the judicial system rule. The mega millions of dollars of expense here would be far better beneficial to all Alabama. I am not able to elaborate on the needs for combating crime and prison relief due to space being limited.

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Respectfully submitted in the name of truth and justice.

Jack D. Polland