It takes a village, support POTR

Published 12:00 pm Friday, April 26, 2019

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We are probably all familiar with poet John Donne’s famous words, “No man is an island . . .” And I’ve found it to be so very true. No man, woman or child can exist and thrive entirely unto him or herself in this life. No matter how “self-made” someone wants to consider themselves, there is always someone that helped along the way — even if the help they gave was to push us with their negativity to prove that we could and would achieve our goals.

In life — whether it is in education, business, church, government, civic organizations, sports and more — fresh ideas, new blood, strong mentors and discernment are all needed to help us forge our paths ahead. We need the energy and enthusiasm of the young and the wisdom and experience of the old meshing together.  It takes a village.

I personally believe in inclusivity rather than exclusivity — being a warm and welcoming presence whenever possible. Life can be hard, it can be harsh; it’s a whole lot easier to handle it all when we know others out there care about us and are rooting for us. That’s true whether we are preparing for a college entrance exam, playing in a softball tournament, sitting at the bedside of an ailing loved one or fighting our own personal health battles.

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Be it big stuff or small stuff, it’s good to know we are there for each other.

So, along the way, be sure you let all the people who have helped you in ways large and small know they are appreciated. The teachers, counselors, professors, directors, pastors; the employers, co-workers, volunteers and fellow club members, the friends and neighbors and family: they all matter, they all count.

It takes a village.

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights here in Greenville at the historic Ritz Theatre, more than 50 children, teens and adults from all walks of life and at least two counties, will bring us music, dance and comedy as part of the 2019 “Putting on the Ritz.”

“The Greatest Show Yet” is about more than those faces we see on stage, however, it’s also about the ticket sellers, wardrobe seamstresses, prop builders and painters, makeup artists, donors of props and costumes used during the show, civic club volunteers serving as ushers, sound and light crew and those who arrange the music, design the choreography and direct the production.

It takes many willing hearts, hands and a lot of talent to put on a great community production that also benefits the arts in a big way. So, turn out this week and support Putting on the Ritz — because it takes a village.