Assistant police chief Anthony Bargainer addresses GMS students

Published 11:30 am Thursday, March 7, 2019

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Celebrating Black History Month, students at Greenville Middle School participated in a special school wide assembly. To commemorate many influential individuals, different classes and organizations performed unique presentations for the school.

Highlighting different African Americans throughout history, Ms. Hamilton’s AAA students gave a presentation entitled, “Who am I?” Next, Ms. Hamilton recited Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech. Other performances included, an interpretive dance given by the Jr. High cheerleading team. Ending the program, Greenville Police Department Assistant Chief Anthony Bargainer spoke to the students.

Encouraging the students to set goals, Bargainer shared quotes from many African Americans as well as shared his own experiences growing up in Greenville.

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“I think it is a great day to learn something else. The theme is the great migration and I know some of you have been studying the great migration in class. Together, we should have common goals and common objectives,” said Bargainer.

Addressing the students, Bargainer explained where he found that inspiration to set these goals, which coincidentally happened under the same roof at Greenville Middle School.

“When I come here, I am reminded of when I was in high school. Back then, I would come here, then it was called the junior high school, in the afternoons and clean the rooms. It was a job myself and several other students would do together. We would come over and sweep the whole school,” Bargainer recalled.

Bargainer continued, “One day one of the teachers stopped me, and she said, ‘Young man I have noticed you are sweeping this floor every single day, and I see how hard you are working. I want to encourage you because if you keep on, one day you will not have to push that broom, you will be doing something greater and contributing to society. Back then we couldn’t afford a car, and I would walk to sweep in the evenings. It was a big encouragement to me,” said Bargainer.

Turning to the instructors, Bargainer said, “Teachers you do not know how much of an impact you will have one day.” Concluded Bargainer said, “Always remember to whom much is given, much is required.”

Following the guest speaker, Principal Bryant Marlow spoke to the students.