Share your holiday traditions with us

Published 4:12 pm Friday, November 9, 2018

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November 1st marks a rather unique tradition for my family. Beginning as an outlet to celebrate Christmas in an extra special way, my brother-in-law and I created the “55 days of Christmas.”

It came about one Halloween when we realized 25 days of celebrating Christmas were simply not enough. We needed more time to enjoy the holiday cheer, movies, and overall celebration of the giving season. So, that Christmas, we started celebrating the minute Halloween was over with one Christmas related activity a day. We felt like Christmas should be apart of every day possible leading up to Dec. 25th.

Because of this, every week at Sunday lunch, we would plan the next week’s activities. From taking a nap in your kerchief or cap to donating cans to the food drive at Thanksgiving, we held true to the fact everyday should be a celebration of the season.

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Following the plan, that Christmas was one of the best I can recall. I made special gifts for my family that I worked on all 55 days long, we spread the Christmas spirit and had others join in, and the one thing I requested for Christmas actually came true-SNOW!

It was a special time, surrounded by all the special people in my life. The next year, the 55 days grew. My classmates wanted to participate, and I happened to be competing in the technology fair at school. With a small idea, my class project developed into a state-winning webpage for the 55 days, allowing others to join in on the fun.

This past Thursday, we decided to continue the tradition, marking the 10-year anniversary. There is a Facebook page for anyone interested, but I write this column today to complete an activity for the 55 days. It’s Nov. 3rd, and my one assignment is to tell a non-family member, “Merry Christmas!”

So Merry Christmas from the absolute bottom of my heart! I hope your season is filled with joy, laughter, and peace. Give more than usual, host a party for the neighborhood; look for the moments that only come once a year.

Most importantly make room, not just for the presents under the tree, turkey in the freezer, or the relative that needs a place to stay. Clean out a spot in your heart for family and friends and participate in all the Christmas traditions.

From decorating the tree or cookies to the candlelight service and dinner the family attends every Christmas Eve, whatever your tradition, soak up every minute possible. And if you’re lacking on traditions, take part in the 55 days or use the season to create your own.

Here at the Advocate, we would love to hear about your holiday traditions for Nov. and Dec. Share them with us. Maybe you will inspire others and all the while spread that holiday cheer.