Stabler welcomes new doctor

Published 2:22 pm Monday, August 6, 2018

Greenville’s Stabler Clinic recently added 30 years of experience to its orthopedic medicine staff.

In mid-July, Dr. Gil Holland began working at the Stabler Clinic all day on Tuesday doing clinical work and surgeries on Friday.

Dr. Holland specializes in muscular and skeletal system surgery and therapy such as knees, shoulders, ankles, etc. Dr. Holland also performs knee and hip replacements.

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After earning his medical degree from the University of South Alabama in 1981, Dr. Holland opened his own practice in Mobile before moving to Andalusia in 1996.

“My path to becoming a doctor is actually a peculiar story,” he said. “When I graduated high school in Mobile I figured I would get drafted to Vietnam so I decided to join the Marine Engineers. It was there that I found out I was color blind.”

Due to his diagnosis, Dr. Holland would not be able to serve in a combat branch of the military, but he didn’t let it stop him from trying.

“I worked with a Navy recruiter and they said I could serve as a medic,” he said. “I didn’t really want to do that, but I went ahead and signed up anyway.”

Dr. Holland served in Vietnam during 1972 primarily in the Gulf of Tonkin performing search and rescue missions for U.S. pilots that had been shot down or that had crashed.

“I had never really had a desire to go into the medical field until my experience in Vietnam,” he said. “I came back from the war to Michigan with my now wife and started school there. After earning my undergraduate in Michigan I moved back to Mobile where I finished up medical school.”

L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital CEO Donnie Rentfroe said Dr. Holland was high on the list of possible doctors to bring to the Stabler Clinic.

“We knew he had a great reputation and recruited him heavily to come join us in Greenville,” he said. “Thankfully, he was excited about the opportunity immediately. He’s transitioning very well so far and we expect the people of Butler County and Greenville to thoroughly enjoy Dr. Holland.”

According to Rentfroe, Dr. Holland’s two-day a week schedule will soon change.

“We’re in the process of transitioning Dr. Holland full-time at the Stabler Clinic,” he said. “He’s expressed to me that he’s ready to take on more patients. He’s got excellent report with his patients and I would trust him with my family members. In fact, I already have.”

The Stabler Clinic is located at 300 North College St. in Greenville and can be reached at (334) 382-268.

“Dr. Holland was very excited about joining the Greenville community when we approached him about the job,” Rentfroe concluded. “I feel like this city and county is very lucky to have Dr. Holland providing services to its people.”