Pharmacist returns to hometown

Published 12:50 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

One pharmacist is returning home to serve the community.

This past December Greenville native Salley Thompson began working at a local pharmacy in Greenville.

Moving from Huntsville, Thompson and her family are excited for the new opportunities in the Camellia City.

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A graduate of Fort Dale Academy, Thompson served as Butler County’s Jr. Miss 2005, now formally known as the Distinguished Young Woman program. After high school, Thompson attended Samford University.

Describing her story of deciding on a profession, she said, “I went to Samford as a business major. After shadowing a cousin, I realized I wanted to do pharmacy.” The job shadowing experience sparked a new interest, and she soon changed her major. Graduating from McWhorter School of Pharmacy at Samford University in 2011, Thompson and her husband Trent moved to Huntsville.

“While in Huntsville I worked for Rite Aid and GenoPath.  […] We loved Huntsville, but it was a long drive to see family,” she added. Moving closer to family and friends, Thompson has already noticed a different atmosphere at work.

Thompson said, “It is different to work here. I’ve always worked places where I didn’t know anyone. It is a different experience seeing people I have known my whole life. It makes it easier and I like seeing familiar faces.”

Thompson and her husband have two children, Burkett and Lula. Looking forward to the new year, Thompson said, “We’re excited to be back and enjoy Greenville.”