Howell speaks to youth at Greenville Middle School

Published 12:45 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

U.S. Air Force staff sergeant Kari Howell spoke this past week to the fifth grade students at Greenville Middle School.

“She talked about being an African American female in the Air Force,” said teacher Lori Martin.

Martin organized the program held Wed. in the lunch room. “The students really enjoyed it. Everyone was very interested in her deployment coming up, where she had traveled, and overall wanted to know more about her job.”

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Sergeant Howell grew up in Greenville and attended Greenville Middle School. Celebrating Black History Month, she was the guest speaker for the month. Describing the importance of the assembly, Martin said, “I am organizing these events because the kids need to see more beyond these four walls. This program allowed them to see a profession in action, real-life application.”

As apart of her informative speech, Howell emphasized the importance of education. Sharing her own story of how education was her ticket to the future. Martin explained, “At the end of her speech, about 30 percent of the students in the room raised their hands signifying they were interested in her job.”

Interacting with the students Howell encouraged the students overall, “to have respect for everyone, respect for the military, and encouraged the importance of education.”