Tips for a healthier 2018

Published 5:46 pm Friday, December 29, 2017

It’s the start of a brand new year, and hopefully an improved, healthier you.

With the influx of holiday treats and sweets, January brings a harsh reality check, usually resulting in herds of people returning to the gym.

On average the newfound dedication lasts for over a month, but it seems by February, the trend slowly dies out.

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What makes staying healthy and physically fit so difficult?

Tina Caver, operations director at the YMCA of Greenville, commented on this difficult challenge.

“Attendance always picks up in January and February from the holidays,” Caver said.

“Most people set a New Year’s resolution, but do not realize working out for one month will not fix anything.”

Living in a world of technology that gives instant results, many people expect weight loss to work the same way.

Caver suggested many tips for helping individuals reach these new goals.

“You’ve got to choose things you enjoy to it make work,” she said.

She explained that working out needs to be a happy experience, not a dreaded part of the day.

“Little choices each and every day make a difference,” she added.

These choices include parking farther away from the store or changing the grocery store route.

It seems the decreased gym attendance is not just seen in Butler county, but all across the state.

Released in August of 2017, “The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America,” reported Alabama as having the third-highest adult obesity rate in the nation.

Making small changes to daily activities will hopefully add physical activity and promote healthier lifestyles.

Vicki Phillips, Trinity Fitness owner and personal trainer, instructs people on living healthier lifestyles everyday.

Teaching fitness classes, Phillips enjoys working with people to achieve goals.

“Everybody with a common goal.[It] makes everybody feel better to work out. It improves their life and attitude. With everyone working towards the same goals, […] it lifts your mood.”

She attributes her good health to exercise, but emphasized the need for a healthy diet.

“Fruits, vegetables and less red meat are important,” Phillips continued. “Because a lot of diets want you to do low carb and high protein, that helps a lot of people lose weight, but you cannot leave out antioxidants, vegetables, and fruits, you need the good antioxidants for health.”

Both the YMCA and Trinity Fitness are offering no start up fee for new members during the month of January along with fitness classes.

Contact both facilities for more information.