FDA presents Christmas program

Published 6:21 pm Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fort Dale Academy first grade presented its annual Christmas program last Friday.

All 45 first graders took the stage capturing the audience with Christmas carols, adorable costumes, and dazzling smiles.

There were special appearances from the Christmas cowboys, Mrs. Claus, Santa, and members of the Nativity.

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Fields Rogers and Parker Stinson, the emcees, welcomed everyone to the event. Shortly after, Santa flew in on his sleigh led by Rudolph and his red nose. Despite the small threat from the Grinch to steal Christmas, the event ended with a happy wish for a very Merry Christmas.

With hard work from the teachers and hours of practice from the students, it proved a special, impressive act. First grade teacher, Mrs. Nicole Deleree, commented, “We all agree it’s a lot of work, always different, but always worth it.” There were scripture readings, over ten songs, and special lines, all recited from memory.

The event has become a tradition for the school. For nine years, first-graders have participated in this exciting opportunity. Deleree said, “All the students enjoy it. Second, third, fourth graders remember the songs and all sing along while we practice in the library.” Melissa Norrell, elementary aide, finds joy every year in helping with the event. Throughout the years, she served by making most of the props and costumes.

The program included a nativity scene, as the students shared the overall message of Christmas. First grade teacher Meg Fossett, said, “Its sweet we get to share the [Christmas] message in this program.” This year, the star character was a new addition, bringing more light to the Nativity scene.

After the program, the students and parents enjoyed a well-deserved Christmas party.

Everyone working with the first graders agreed it is a rewarding process. Deleree said, “We all agree the amount of growth seen when working with the first graders over the year is our favorite part.”