Murphy shares adoption story, advice in book

Published 6:09 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

A book by Greenville’s newest author has literally been a lifetime in the making.

Susan Samford Murphy, whose new book, “I Was Chosen: a loving story of adoption,” says she has been pondering putting pen to paper to share her story for decades now. A former foster child, Murphy was adopted at age three-and-a-half by a loving couple and went on to live what she describes as “a wonderful life.”

“For years I organized the foster parents’ banquet—21 years, to be exact—and during all that time and even beforehand, I thought about writing a book,” Murphy explains.

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“I think my story is a cute story, especially about the adoption itself. And I thought that just maybe it would help someone out there who was considering adoption or foster parenting or who was an adopted child.”

The book is divided into two sections. The first half is devoted to the story of Murphy’s actual adoption and meeting her parents for the first time, and is geared to young readers. The second half is for adults, particularly prospective adoptive parents.

“I started out putting together the first half of it. One of my granddaughters, who has two college degrees in art, did the illustrations for the children’s portion, while my other granddaughter added color splashes to really capture people’s attention as they read the story,” the author explains.

As for the second half, “I went down to the beach by myself where it was quiet and peaceful and I wrote it,” Murphy says.

“It didn’t take that long because I’d been writing it in my head for years and years. I knew what I had experienced and what I wanted to share with others.”

Once she had completed the book, the lengthy and sometimes frustrating road to publication began.

“I looked into several different publishers, talked to  several different people–but I ultimately chose Beth Rogers of Rutledge to publish this. Beth is so knowledgeable and experienced and she’s done such an outstanding job for me,” Murphy says.

“She has assisted me with this entire process, and once everything was in place to get it published—it did not take long.”

Murphy hopes that her story will be inspirational, educational and encouraging to others.

“Every kid has a story to tell. I wanted people to know my story; to know that foster children can and do have happy endings. That an adopted child is chosen and wanted by that mama and daddy . . . I can look back and say I wouldn’t change a thing; that it truly has been a wonderful life.”

Her book is already getting a warm reception in the town Murphy has called home for 42 years.

Many local folks stopped by her book signing earlier this week at the Camellia City Bakery to get their own copies of “I Was Chosen.”

Publisher Beth Rogers, who attended the event with Murphy, was smiling over the turnout.

“I was very, very pleased. She had a steady stream of people coming in for that first hour and a half. All book signings are not that successful,” Rogers stressed, waving a hand at the depleted stacks of books. “Look how few are left!”

Murphy says she still has a handful of copies of her book available (“I think everybody knows me—just give me a call or stop by”) and is preparing to order a second printing.

“I am pleased with the response to the book so far and I hope to share with the people in our state department of human resources in the near future,” Murphy says.

“I Was Chosen” is available at for $19.95 and is eligible for Prime shipping.