Local businesses offer Black Friday alternatives

Published 11:02 am Wednesday, November 22, 2017

By Matt Hutcheson

Black Friday again looms over the feast and family-related festivities that mark Thanksgiving. Lucrative holiday deals at chain retailers draw large crowds and promote a fervor that has made the event both alluring and infamous.

Greenville residents who wish to avoid the chaos are in luck, as many locally-owned stores and boutiques are offering small-town alternatives to the more widely advertised, “big box” store sales.

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At local gift shop The Pineapple, shoppers can draw from a grab-bag to receive a percentage-based deal that lowers the price of either specific items or the total purchase.

The Roost on Fort Dale Road will have a sale on items such as jewelry and collegiate apparel. For those looking to shop for Christmas, the locally-owned Fred’s is holding a three-day sale on the entire toy department and holiday decorations.

Greenville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Francine Wasden said that shopping in town is an opportunity to share the day with friends and family.

“My suggestion for Black Friday is to have fun with it!” said Wasden. “Get up early, meet a friend and head out. Take advantage of all the great sales and enjoy the day.”

Several boutiques and gift shops are within walking distance of one another downtown, allowing one to bask in the holiday spirit on foot while strolling from store to store.

While Black Friday may represent unbridled consumerism in the culture at large, shopping locally is a much more casual affair that provides support for the shops themselves and represents a relaxing alternative for kicking off the increasingly stressful holiday season.

Consider staying in Greenville for Black Friday this year and exploring the myriad sales at a leisurely pace.

Director Wasden went on to state practical reasons to enjoy Black Friday in Greenville.

“Shopping local is vital to our community,” she said.

“It helps keep small businesses thriving. Sales tax revenue from every sale helps support our schools, police and fire department, just to name a few.”