Community Neighbor Bank employee charged with theft of property

Published 12:52 pm Thursday, November 2, 2017

An employee of Community Neighbor Bank has been charged with stealing money from the very business that employs her.

On Oct. 31, Mershell Campbell, 59, was arrested and charged with first-degree theft of property for what authorities say are thefts totaling to more than $46,000 between an approximate period of March 1 and Oct. 26, 2017.

Campbell, a Greenville resident, had been employed with Community Neighbor Bank since early 2013.

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The charge is a Class B felony, which carries potential punishment from 2-20 years in prison.

Greenville Police Department Lt. Joseph Disney said that Community Neighbor Bank representatives discovered the thefts themselves, and eventually traced the activity back to Campbell.

It was then that law enforcement got involved.

“She was interviewed at the Greenville Police Department, where she admitted to the theft,” Disney said.

“The stolen money didn’t come out of any customer accounts. There should be no worries from the public if they have an account there, because it won’t affect them in any way.”

Authorities are still investigating potential misconduct dating prior to March 1. Disney added that any additional instances of theft would not add to the first-degree theft charge, but would increase the amount of restitution Campbell must pay back.
“The amount is still under investigation,” Disney added.

“There are statutes of limitation for certain things. We know we can only go back so far, but we’ll go back as far as we can.”

Campbell was held at the Butler County Jail on a $20,000-bond, and she later made bond on the same day of her arrest.