McKenzie student raises funds for school library

Published 2:25 pm Monday, September 25, 2017

Kelsey McCullough loves to read. From tender romance to out-of-this-world science fiction and fantasy, the McKenzie High senior enjoys the intriguing characters, faraway places and amazing adventures a good book can deliver.

There’s just one problem.

“I’ve read all the books that I like to read here,” McCullough explains with a shrug and a smile as she looks around the school’s library, adding, “I also want to see more books in our library for the younger kids, so they will learn to enjoy reading at an early age and hopefully continue to read as they get into high school.”

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And what does an avid reader do when she’s run out of new books to read?

She figures out a way to raise funds for the school to purchase more books, of course.

The enterprising teenager planned, advertised and mounted a big bake sale at the school on September 15. With the assistance of her family, especially sister Abigail, grandmother Roseanne and mom Kelly, McCullough was able to offer an enticing array of brownies, cookies, cupcakes and more to the staff and student body that day.

She knew her targeted audience well.

“I’ve noticed the whole school really loves baked goods, and my family loves to cook and bake—so it seemed like a good way to raise some money.”

And raise money she did–$898.75, to be exact.

“We sold out of everything,” McCullough says with a proud smile.

While McCullough might very well have what it takes to pursue a career in non-profit fundraising, she has other aspirations.

“I plan to become an English teacher. It’s my favorite subject of all, English and reading,” she explains.

McKenzie’s library director, Laura Shell, is thrilled with McCullough’s decision to assist her school’s library in this way.

“It is truly outstanding to see a student take the initiative to plan a fundraiser to help the school,” says Shell. “The library will combine this money with Book Fair money and place a book order soon.”  And McCullough may not be done quite yet with her fundraising efforts at McKenzie.

“I am thinking maybe in the spring—if I am not too busy with all the senior stuff—that I might hold another bake sale and use the funds for more laboratory equipment,” she says.