City native shares nature’s remedies in Airstream

Published 11:17 am Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Danan Whiddon can sum up her life’s philosophy with these words: “Never be afraid to try new things.”

The Greenville native and GHS graduate’s intrepid spirit has led her on adventures, from earning her master’s degree in English from Alabama to getting certification in alternative forms of health and wellness as an aromatherapist, herbalist and Reiki practitioner.

Whiddon will tell you she is a teacher at heart.

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“I loved being a college English instructor and later, a home school teacher and consultant,” Whiddon says.

“While I was doing those things, I became very interested in natural health and have combined those two different parts of my life to help people rediscover what our great-grandmothers knew about the plants that God gave us to use for healing . . . somehow, I feel it all comes together with ‘Gratitude Journaling’ – something I believe in because it changed my attitude and my life for the better.”

This teacher at heart shares about her journaling on her Facebook page, Sweet Heart Alabama, where she also talks about her online class.

“Every Tuesday night, I teach a class online for IN.Form about digestive health and weight loss at 7 p.m. All you have to do to find out more is to ‘friend’ my Sweet Heart Alabama Facebook page.”

The educator has also turned entrepreneur.

Her Sweet Heart Alabama “shop on wheels” came about as a way to come back to the Camellia City from Nashville and be near her family. Travelers and locals alike may have seen her gleaming vintage Airstream, which she describes as a “mobile health station.”

“I love that people can stop by and discuss natural health and living while getting vitamins and herbs from several brands that I trust,” Whiddon explains. “We also have essential oils—I particularly like demonstrating the oils found in the Bible–perfumes, balms, jewelry, music, ceramics and much more.   Our hand-printed-in-Nashville- and-made-in-America T-shirts are a great gift idea, too.”

As for her iconic travel trailer, its roots are right here, too.

“Towanda is actually a local girl. I have always loved Airstreams and  I got her from veterinarian Josh Gardner of Clay Hill Animal Clinic,” Whiddon explains.

“It was David Neese, who is an expert in boat restoration, who gave Towanda that gorgeous shine. Sheldon Luckie, who is the fire chief in the Liberty community, helped build all the shelves—and he helped with pretty much everything else, too.”

And what’s in the future for Whiddon and Sweet Heart Alabama?

“This time here at home is just a start. I’m hoping to do more festivals as the months go on,” she explains. “So far, things have been going great and I am using my experiences as a learning tool for the festival seasons, which, together with my online work and classes, will be my future work plans. I’m working on another book, but that’s a much longer story.”

While Towanda will frequently be on the road on weekends, Whiddon is looking for a place in downtown Greenville where the Airstream can find a weekday home.

“I never appreciated it when I was growing up, but now I can say I really love downtown Greenville. I love the old buildings, the history . . . it’s great. I love going walking with Mr. Spock, my Sphynx cat in his cat stroller downtown,” Whiddon enthuses. “So if there is someone out there who thinks they have the perfect spot for Towanda, I would love to hear from them.”

She not only loves the town, she loves its people.

“One thing I have to say about this latest life adventure with Towanda is that the people of Greenville are the kindest and most helpful people I know,” Whiddon says.

“So many people have helped me along on this little dream and I am just so humbled by everyone’s kindness and support.”

You can check out Whiddon’s Sweet Heart Alabama website at to see her array of “old time remedies for a modern world.”