Peagler strives to share life with purpose

Published 6:48 pm Friday, August 18, 2017

When you’re one of ten siblings, money can be tight. But it can also be an incentive to put in the effort to make things happen.

That was Patrick Peagler’s experience growing up as the youngest member of a big family in the Camellia City.

“We didn’t have much money, but we worked rather hard to make ends meet,” Peagler says.

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A 2007 graduate of Greenville High School, Peagler was able to continue his education at Troy University, earning a bachelor’s degree in athletic training.

Opportunities opened for the young man to work with sports teams at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Mercer University in Macon, Ga. and with the NFL’s Denver Broncos. While at Mercer, Peagler earned his master’s degree in educational leadership.

Family has always been there to inspire and support him, Peagler says.

“I’ve always been self-motivated, but my mother, Jerry Peagler, my sister, Sheena Peagler, and my brother, Archie Demings, have always supported me in every decision I have ever made in my professional career.”

Eventually Peagler made his way back to his home state and his alma mater. He currently serves as head athletic trainer for Troy’s men’s basketball team and assistant trainer for the Troy football team. In these positions, Peagler provides medical care to more than 100 student athletes on a daily basis.

Even though he was encouraging others to take care of their bodies, Peagler himself went through a difficult time when he definitely wasn’t practicing what he preached.

“I was living an unhealthy lifestyle and my weight gain was a byproduct of that,” he admits.

And then a motivational speaker and power lifter named C.L. Fletcher came into Peagler’s life, courtesy of Netflix.

“I watched him and listened to his message and I said to myself, ‘What’s my excuse?’ And I told myself, ‘You gotta stop feeling sorry for yourself, man.’”

It was the catalyst Peagler needed to start turning his life around.

“I began to research food in every way possible to learn all there was to know about nutrition. I became specific about my workouts so that I could concentrate on exercises that would sculpt my body the way I really wanted it,” he explains.

Soon, physical flab was melting away into solid muscle. But Peagler hadn’t quite completed his journey of discovery.

“Lastly, I had to find myself spiritually . . . to get rid of all the negative thoughts and habits, and the negative people. And I found God in the midst of all.”

Just look to the animal kingdom for a valuable life lesson, Peagler says.

“People give off either positive or negative energy. Animals like dogs and cats are able to read these cues and respond to their owners based on that energy.”

It was in God’s house that he would have another “A-Ha” moment.

“One day in church, I came up with the ideal of starting my own fitness brand–and the rest is history. I call it Training To Live (TTL). TTL is a motivational brand that provides valuable knowledge in nutrition, fitness, and spiritual growth,” Peagler explains.

While there’s no magic elixir to change our lives, the trainer believes  knowledge is the key to beginning a personal transformation into the people God designed us to be.

“I am not selling anything; but what I am doing is giving people valuable knowledge that could add more healthy, productive years to everyone’s life. And I’m striving to give others that jump start they may need to be an inspiration to others.”

Peagler says he wants to train others to lead a life of purpose, not one lived by chance or whim. 

“We should eat with a purpose. Train with a purpose. Live our lives with a purpose. My clothing products symbolize a dedication and resilience to achieve your individual goals and to live with a purpose.”   

Looking ahead, Peagler hopes to use TTL to “reach and inspire as many people as I can in my everyday life, so that everyone can experience and enjoy life the way I am.”

While he admits he would love to open up multiple fitness centers around the United States one day, improving the health and well being of area communities remain Peagler’s focus. But he does have those loftier dreams.

“My ultimate goal is to be on stage with Oprah and Dr. Oz, discussing my fitness brand and inspiring more people,” Peagler says.

To learn more about Peagler and his fitness brand, Training To Live, you can contact him via email at