Luverne Rocks begins ‘hiding’ for a good cause

Published 8:19 am Thursday, June 29, 2017

Luverne rocks has already hidden rocks throughout Luverne. The project is for people of all ages. Journal Photo/Shayla Terry

By: Shayla Terry

The Kindness Rock Project started as a way for Megan Murphy, the project’s founder, to serve her community. Today, the project has trickled from its establishment in Massachusetts to Luverne with Luverne Rocks.

Christy McAuley is the founder of Luverne Rocks. She was participating in the Greenville Rocks project, but she began making trips to Greenville frequently to participate.

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“Her mother lives in Greenville, and she invited her to participate there,” said administrator Amber Lashley. “She was taking her kids there every week. It got to a point where the kids were really into it, and they were going a lot. So, she decided to start the page on Facebook.”

McAuley created the Luverne Rocks Facebook page in early April. Today the fun is completely underway, and the group is always looking to add more participants to the page. With the help of Lashley the page has seen some progress.

“We see other stories in different cities of how the project has really brought the community together, and we want that here for us,” Lashley said. “We’ve been thinking about some flyer around town to get the word out to people about what we are doing.”

The rocks themselves can be purchased or simply found in the yard. Rocks are decorated with inspirational messages, as well as quirky designs and cartoons.

“The rocks can help people to have a better day, with its positive quotes,” Lashley said. “You can use your creativity. It’s kid friendly. It just promotes togetherness. It’s amazing what a simple little rock can do.”

Once the rocks are decorated, they are hidden throughout the community. People are encouraged to find the rocks, and display them on the Luverne Rocks Facebook page. They can keep the rocks, or hide them again to continue the process.

“It could be great for people who like to exercise,” Lashley said. “You can go out and take your walk, and find a rock. It’s a safe and fun activity.”

Lashley says the rocks can be placed anywhere, or it can be a game.

“You can place them somewhere obvious,” she said. “There is also the more challenging placements where you can take a picture of an area and post on Facebook that a rock is somewhere in that location.”

Luverne Rocks has already hidden a few rocks throughout the community. Lashley says she hope that this project flourishes in the community.

“I hope that it takes off,” she said. “If it could just touch one person’s life, and make their day, or helps them get together with their families, then it worked.”

The Luverne Rocks Facebook Page is open to the public.