Board approves handbook revision

Published 5:59 pm Friday, June 23, 2017

While the most recent meeting of the Butler County Board of Education revolved around its newly retired personnel, some new business was also conducted during the evening.

The board voted to approve recommended revisions to the 2017-18 student handbook and code of conduct, including the addition of E-cigarettes to the list of prohibited items on campuses,  changes to verbage about students in foster care and how these students can be enrolled without additional paperwork, and the issues of truancy in terms of early warning meetings and help with the juvenile probation program.

The board also discussed and approved Superintendent Bryant’s recommendation to revise the stated requirements for an expelled student to be reinstated in the school system.

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Four requirements must be met:

1. The students must complete 40 hours of community service.

2. The parent must submit a letter requesting that their child be reinstated.

3. The student must submit a letter expressing remorse for his or her actions resulting in the expulsion

4. A drug test must be given to and passed by any student where drugs were a factor in the student’s expulsion.

As requested by board member Linda Hamilton, Bryant said news of these revisions would be posted on the BOE website as well as Facebook and other venues.

The personnel report included the following changes: Elaine Carter, new hire as custodian at W. O. Parmer Elementary; Madison Castleberry, voluntary transfer from elementary teacher at Greenville Elementary to W. O. Parmer Elementary and Lindsey Odom, voluntary transfer from elementary teacher at Greenville Elementary to same position at McKenzie School; Tina Hill, transfer from alternative teacher at the Alternative/Virtual School to English teacher at Greenville High School; Patricia McNaughton, transfer from principal at Alternative/Viritual School to Alternative School teacher at Greenville High School (11 month contract on elementary assistant principal salary schedule); Nikki Payton, reassignment from elementary teacher, Greenville Elementary, to elementary teacher (ISSP) at the same school; Heather Conway, reassignment from elementary teacher, 2nd grade at W. O. Parmer to elementary teacher—Kindergarten, at W.O.P.; Jennifer Ginger Norman, reassignment from elementary teacher—first grade at W. O. Parmer Elementary to art teacher at W.O. P. and Krystal Thagard, reassignment from elementary teacher–1st grade at W. O. Parmer Elementary to elementary teacher–2nd grade at the same school.