A night of glamour and intelligence: Sims named 2018 DYW

Published 9:32 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

Participants rehearsed for weeks to prepare for the DYW program. Participants are (Left to right) DYW 2018 Emily Sims, Cameron Catrett, Mary Kendall Motes, Elizabeth Ruckel, Kaitlyn Castle, Caitlin Stephens and Avery Carpenter. Journal Photo/Scott McLendon

By: Scott McLendon

From a pool of women who put their talents and intellect on display,

Crenshaw County has selected Emily Sims as its Distinguished YoungWoman for 2018 on Saturday June 17.

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The upcoming seniors were judged in categories such as scholastics, interviewing, talent, fitness and self-expression. The scholarship program offers over a billion in scholarships annually and is available to high school juniors and seniors.

This program is the both the oldest and monetarily significant scholarship program for high school girls. The DYW program has been linking the nation’s female scholars since 1958.

“I had already known all the girls from living in the same county,”said Emily Sims, Crenshaw County’s DYW for 2018. “But it was an awesome chance to build on those relationships and grow better friendships, so that was important for me. Although it was a tiring week, it was one I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

The DYW program offers the chance to win substantial college scholarships along with a Life Skills program aiming to prepare young women for the potentially treacherous path that lies beyond high school.

Through workshops and online resources, participants are taught skills such as interviewing, public speaking, self-confidence building and more. The entrants participated in a weeklong program featuring the aforementioned educational points.

“Through the ‘Be Your Best Self’ program that DYW has, there are five elements: to be healthy, involved, studious, ambitious and responsible. I feel as though I have gained and built onto these characteristics to help me better prepare for what’s to come in my future. The program requires hard work, dedication and confidence that are major assets for the next steps in my life.”

“This is absolutely and indescribably humbling,” said Sims. “All seven of us worked so hard this week and any of the other girls would’ve been well deserving of it as well. It gives me the confidence to now prepare for my upcoming year as Crenshaw County’s DYW and compete at state with that title. I couldn’t be more proud to represent any other county in the state.”

The winner from each county is entered in the state DYW program. Last year at the state level, $42,500 in scholarships was awarded. A representative from each of the 50 states and one from the District of

Columbia will converge on our state’s gulf coast for the national program.

Emily will travel to our state’s capital to participate in the state

DYW program on January 19 and 20 of next year for a chance to earn a place in the national iteration in Mobile.