Crenshaw Choir showcases thrill

Published 1:12 pm Friday, May 12, 2017

Jermany Salter (center) leads the Crenshaw County Show Choir in the final musical number “Thriller” Journal Photo/Scott McLendon

By: Scott McLendon

A melodic feast for the ears was served by the Crenshaw County Show Choir to an eager audience in Brantley High School’s gymnasium Tuesday night. This show stretched across a wide spectrum of genres from country to pop and everything in between. Singers, dancers and musicians from Luverne, Highland Home and Brantley high schools showcased the various talents they’ve been sharpening under the wing of Mrs. Anne Head.

“One of the big things we’re emphasizing in Crenshaw County is the arts,” said Dr. Boyd English, superintendent of Crenshaw County School System. “This has been a big week as we’ve had band concerts and this is a great way to end the week with the arts to see all of the talent in Crenshaw county. We’ve been able to see it from Luverne, Brantley and Highland home, and it’s great to come out and celebrate with them. Mrs Head does a great job with them and this happens outside of school; this is not a class. So this is just a great opportunity for our kids to come out and showcase their talent.”

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The performances ranged from country ballads of heartbreak, to duets of hope and from a jubilant rendition of “Mustang Sally” to thrilling dance numbers.

At various times in the show, including the opening, the king of pop graced the audience with his ostentatious presence. Senior Jermany Salter of Brantley High School dazzled the crowd in Michael Jackson’s glittered and gaudy garb.

“I’ve been with it ever since I was in gifted in the second grade and everybody has just always loved to dance and sing to just have fun and that’s something we’ve always done,” said Salter. “We just always try to bring that to the stage and to the public.”

The matriarch of this after-school program, Head, has the full affection of her pupils and the beneficial results of her work were evident in this showcase. Successfully, Mrs. Head has managed to rope in myriad genres in an entertaining fashion to the waiting audience.

“I’ve just always thought the arts are important to everyone,” said Head. “In a small town, if you experience art, you can go out in to the world and know what other people are talking about. It also gives these students confidence with this stage experience; they have the confidence that is hard for other people to obtain.”

“These students get that through the art and I think that is extremely important. To be able to get up on stage and dance, sing and perform and to have that experience, I think gives them confidence and we’re so fortunate to have such talent around here.

It’s a lot of work and we do it all at night and on Sundays so they have to be dedicated. I know how much it meant to my son when he was growing up. So I know how much these kids value it.