2017 Crenshaw County Relay for Life: Superheroes save the day

Published 2:06 pm Thursday, May 4, 2017

Crenshaw County’s Relay for Life brought out many residents, both survivors and fighters. Leading up to the celebration night, activities such as Bank Night and a Survivor’s Dinner were also put on. Journal Photo/Shayla Terry

By: Shayla Terry

With the sun setting on a pretty April day, the Crenshaw County Relay for Life began a festive night that would lead to the raising of $36,000 for the American Cancer Society.

For much of April, activities and fundraisers have been put on by different teams to contribute to the overall goal of $45,000. On the night of the Relay, the community comes together to celebrate together.

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“We start almost immediately after relay, within a month, we have a recap meeting,” Co-Chair Sheri Claybrook said. “We recap what we did that year, like what worked and what didn’t work. About October, we will start planning again for next year.”

This year’s relay theme was “Be a super hero in the fight against cancer.” Claybrook says that she and her fellow co-chairs, Cathy Wilkes and Jackie Powell brainstorm with many people to to come up with a theme.

“We brainstormed with committee members and teams from last year,” she said. “We get with the group from last year and vote on which one they like best, and that’s the one we go with.”

During the relay event, the co-chairs recognized members of the community who had worked on their own to raise money. Edna Ruth Norsworthy raised more $4,000 for the cause.

“It’s simple what I do,” she said. “I make a list every year and I send out letters asking them to donate.”

Luverne High Student Emma Whetherbee, who is also a cancer survivor, raised more than $1,000 online.

This year brought eight different teams to raise money in the fight against cancer. “Without these teams’ efforts and raising money this wouldn’t be possible,” Wilkes said. “The ongoing effort is what really matters towards raising money for the society.”

“I was a little disappointed that we didn’t reach our goal, but the teams worked really hard and that is all that we could ask for,” Wilkes said.

Though the celebration night is over, money is still being collected and turned in.

The Crenshaw County Belles and Beaus were the highest fundraising team, bringing in more than $6,000.

Union Baptist Church raised the most money per each member on the team. Luverne High School received the “Spirit of Relay” award. Hometown Medical was the relay champion, and also was the second highest in fundraising.

“We were pleased with the turnout,” Claybrook said. “Cancer has touched a large part of our community in different ways. We are happy to have our survivors come and participate. It is important for them and their family to come to relay and know that they have the support of their community.”