Stopping by for quality time: Martha Roby visits Crenshaw

Published 1:31 pm Thursday, April 27, 2017

When visting Brantley, Roby had lunch at Michael’s with a host of Brantley High School students, Mayor Sullivan, and Principal Odom. Roby was in Crenshaw County for two days as a part of her district travel. Submitted Photo

By: Shayla Terry

Recently, Crenshaw County received a visit from it’s own district house of representative Martha Roby. Roby, who has been service Alabama’s Second District since 2011, is a Montgomery native, and is one of the first women elected to Congress from Alabama during regular elections.

“During district travel weeks, I make it a priority to visit as many towns as I can to check in with constituents and local leaders,” Roby said. “Talking directly with people in the district enables me to be a better, stronger voice for them in Washington.”

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Prior to the April 3 storm in Luverne, Roby was already scheduled to visit Luverne.

Roby met with city attorney Mike Jones (left) and Mayor Ed Beasley while in Luverne. Submitted Photo

“I am very glad I was able to meet with Representative Martha Roby,” Luverne Mayor Ed Beasley said. “During our meeting we were able to talk about several topics including, the recent storms, available federal funds to assist with emergency notifications, especially those concerning weather.”

Beasley and Roby also discussed the possible appeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“We also talked about the current status of our nation’s health care system, and I was very happy to hear Mayor Beasley’s thoughts on repealing and replacing Obamacare with a health care system that actually works.”

While in Crenshaw County, Roby also travelled to Brantley to visit with Brantley High Students, Principal Kris Odom and Mayor Bernie Sullivan.

“We’d like to thank Congresswoman Roby for visiting Brantley, and having lunch with myself and our students,” Sullivan said. “She supports a strong defense, is a strong supporter of our military bases (Ft. Rucker, Maxwell AFB, Gunter) and the jobs created from which many in our community reap benefits.”

Roby says that the time spent with her constituents is of the most importance to her being an effective leader.

“I represent a district that is largely comprised of rural counties. The opinions, successes, struggles, and feedback from constituents in these counties is of vital importance to me,” she said. “I cannot be a successful representative for Alabama’s Second District without strong relationships with my constituents in rural and small counties, and I always enjoy visits to these areas.”

As for the future of Alabama, Roby says she will continue to hold the state as her first priority.

“In Congress, I have one guiding principal: Alabama always comes first. There is a significant military footprint in our state and district, and I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to serve on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee for the 115th Congress,” Roby said. “I believe this new responsibility gives me increased opportunities to fight for priorities that are important to Alabama’s military community. Additionally, agriculture is Alabama’s top industry. The Second District is home to a large agriculture community, and their issues remain critically important to me. As Congress soon begins work on a new farm bill, I will continue to fight for legislation that improves conditions for Alabama’s farmers.”