OPINION: Luverne, be proud of your employees

Published 1:13 pm Thursday, April 27, 2017

By: Irene Hill, Luverne resident

On Monday, April 3, when the EFO tornado with macroburts damaged our city, my 100 year old godmother, Annie T. Harris, and I were out paying bills that she thought just couldn’t wait until the next day. We had paid all of the bills except the utility bill at city hall.


The second I placed the bill on the counter, suddenly the lights blinked. Almost simultaneously with the blinking of the lights, the storm began. My godmother and I were immediately separated. She was in my vehicle alone, and I was in the city hall building. I panicked! My thought was that I had to join her in the car until the storm subsided. The city clerks Margie Gomillion and Vickie Coggins convinced me that I could not return to my godmother. They said that it was too risky and dangerous. The wind and rain were too strong. Debris was flying everywhere. They saved me from injury, and possibly saved my life.

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Three street and sanitation employees, Jeffery Kidd, Rubin Flemmons and Justin Roberts, rescued by godmother from the care as soon as it appeared to be safe to do so. The clerks made us very comfortable, and even walked by godmother back to the car when the storm was over.

Their understanding, kindness, bravery and actions answered my prayer and plea by rescuing my godmother and bringing her into city hall. They truly showed God’s love through their understanding and willingness to help someone in need. They were awesome. Their teamwork was dynamic.

I owe them so much! I’ll be thanking forever. Mr. Kidd, we want to thank him for removing his jacket and covering my godmother until she was safely inside. She was so appreciative and mentioned it several times. They are to me commended.

~Irene R. Hill, Luverne Resident