Away from home for more than a year: Freeman found in Texas

Published 4:00 pm Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Myra Alissia Freeman has been found in El Paso, Texas. FBI agents met with her on Wednesday at an El Paso McDonalds for questioning and confirmation. This photo was sent to Sheriff Mickey Powell by the FBI agent on scene. Submitted Photo

By: Shayla Terry

Myra Alissia Freeman has been found in El Paso, Texas, according to Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell. On Wednesday, Freeman met with FBI agents for questioning.

“Her mother went down and has confirmed that it is her,” Powell said. “The agents met them at a McDonalds in El Paso and have sent back photos of her.”

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Freeman made contact with her mother, Vickie Metcalf, on Monday, April 17. Shortly after speaking with her daughter, the Help Find Alissia Freeman Facebook page, which has more than 28,000 likes, released a post informing the public that Freeman had been located.

Freeman went to take out the trash at her residence in Highland Home on Dec. 13, 2015 at 4:30 p.m., and had not been heard from until this week. Freeman, now 19 years old, was 17 at the time of her disappearance.

Last April, the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI added to the original award offer by $10,000, bringing it to $13,500 for information identifying Freeman’s whereabouts.

The case has garnered local, state and national attention. In July 2016, the case appeared on Nancy Grace, during which Melcalf disclosed that Freeman’s computer had been cleared of any indicators of her whereabouts.

“We learned that she had apparently wiped her computer or cleaned it; I’m not sure what was done to it, but some things had been deleted,” Metcalf said.

After a year with no substantial leads to Freeman, her mother said in December that she would never give up her search.

“We love her and miss her very much; we won’t stop and we won’t give up,” Metcalf said.

Powell says he is glad that the sad incident could have a good ending.

“This is a tremendous weight off of the sheriff’s office’s shoulders,” he said. “I would like to commend Dalton Francis. He has worked this case, and spent numerous hours at work and at home trying to locate her. I thank all of the local, state and federal offices that have worked this case. We are overjoyed to be about to reunite this girl back with her family.”

The reasons behind Freeman’s disappearance have yet to be released.