Career Academy expands job shadowing, adult education programs

Published 5:28 pm Friday, April 14, 2017

The Health Science and JROTC departments of the Butler County Career Academy has expanded its job shadowing and adult education program throughout Butler County.

The programs have now added The City of Greenville, Ivy Creek Medical Facility of Georgiana, and Butler County Board of Education to their list of partnerships.

Partnerships have also been established with Reid State Technical College in promoting Adult Education for the unemployed as well as the underemployed workforce of Butler County.

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The Adult Education provides welding and Class B Alabama Driver License training for the workforce looking to gain credentials.

Currently, five students have been offered part-time employment opportunities through the job shadowing experiences.

Butler County Career Coach Otis Grayson stated, “strengthening the relationship between the CTE and the workforce is a key focus.”

Grayson also stated, “creating a solid workforce is the key to marketing Butler County for new businesses as well as maintaining the current businesses of Butler County. Preparing the students to become productive citizens is top priority of the educational process whether it be attending a four year institute, a two year technical institute, a specific training program, or transitioning directly into the workforce.

Providing soft skill training, and a solid career pathway will give the students of Butler County the advantage of getting a good start in the life. Butler County Career Academy provides hands on training with the potential to earn credentials, or college credits in every academy which provides opportunities for our students.”

Each of the areas of career/technical education offers students the opportunity to receive an academically enhanced, hands on experience related to at least one segment of their career goal.

Many times there is overlap from area to area depending on the student’s interest and goal Career Technical Education provides the answer to the often asked question “Why are we doing this?” Academics and the world of work come together in Career/Technical classes.

Jennifer Burt, Butler County Career Tech Director stated, “Formal education plays a key role in a society. Formal education is the medium through which individuals learn many of the language, conceptual, and mathematical skills that are indispensable in a modern society.

Formal education also supplements the family’s role in socializing the young into values and norms of a society. Values and norms are taught both directly and indirectly. Schools generally teach basic facts about the social and political nature of a society. They also focus on the fundamental obligations of citizenship.

Cultural norms are also taught indirectly at school. Respect for others, obedience to authority, honesty, neatness, being on time, and so on, are all part of the “hidden curriculum” of schools.

The use of a grading system also teaches children the value of personal achievement and competition. Butler County Career Academy goal is to provide the core of Formal Education while providing real life experiences for the students to comprehend why education is so important to their future.”

Butler County Career Academy seeks ways to increase the value of our students to the workforce by providing a solid education with credentials, and hands on work experience.

The more valuable the students are to the workforce, the better their chance is to a getting a great start in their Career Path. Butler County Career Academy is providing “Value Creation” which is the act of performing activities that increase the value of goods or services to the consumers which is our current workforce.