FAITH: Crenshaw County Women for Christ to host 11th Annual Women’s Day

Published 10:51 pm Friday, March 10, 2017

By: Kathy Plowden Smyth

Kathy Plowden Smyth

Crenshaw County Women for Christ was established 12 years ago, when a group of local women had taken a field trip to Atlanta to the ” Women of Faith” Event. On the bus ride back, a few of the attendees wondered aloud if there could ever be such a locally held event on a smaller scale for women in our county.

There was an enthusiastic response by those gathered, and from that planted seed grew the flowers that were to become 10 Women’s Conferences! This year, on Saturday, March 11, we will host the 11th Annual Women’s Conference at South Luverne Baptist Church. We begin at 9 a.m., and end around 3 p.m.

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It’s a diverse group of believers, multi-denominational in nature, which enjoy a girl’s day out that is full of praise and worship. It’s a day to learn from a talented speaker what the Lord has laid upon her heart for us to hear. It’s full of laughter and tears, fun and excitement, and it’s just a joy to be with so many “sisters”. It’s a day like none other, and I always look so forward to it.

So, what exactly goes on at one of these events you might wonder? If you have not participated before, well I am so glad you asked! There are songs to sing, a nice mixture of both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns. There is a quiet, meditative prayer time.

If you desire more, there is a prayer room available for you to pray privately or with a friend. There is really nothing more special or intimate than praying with a friend for what is placed upon your heart, is there? We enjoy a box lunch, and we shop at the various resource tables available. The Barefoot Belle will relocate their shop from Highway 31 to our choir room for the day. T-shirts are available, and are practically collector’s items.

We listen and learn about our speaker’s personal journey and testimony. About how God has used them in their own circumstances, has transformed them and is now allowing them to share that with the rest of us who are willing to listen and take heed. I have learned something every year that has made an impact on my life in some positive way.

Did I tell you about the door prizes? Well, there are fabulous door prizes that are just waiting on a new home. The decorations are enjoyed by all, and they set the tone for the theme of each conference.  This year, we are looking forward to a very relaxing “Holy SPA Day”.

Dr. Tanya McLemore will guide us in studying the story of Esther, with the target verse being, “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14. Benita Edwards will be leading our praise and worship time and will direct the “Impromptu Choir”. She will literally teach us the song at the end of lunch and we will perform it at the beginning of the afternoon session. Nancy Petrey will play the piano, and will set the tone for our quiet time together.

It is truly a precious time side by side. Fill up your Church bus with a group, or come by yourself. It is casual, comfortable dress.  You are invited. No matter your age, your ethnicity, your denomination…we welcome you.

If you plan to attend, know that you have been prayed for before you even enter the doors.

Tickets are $ 15 and you may still purchase tickets by calling 406-6464 or 403-0332. Trendsetters has tickets available also. Come join us, won’t you?