OPINION: Finding heroes in your every day life

Published 11:34 am Thursday, March 9, 2017

By: Lisa Rolling

It’s interesting how we calculate what things in life are our favorite, and who we look up to and admire.  Sometimes a certain life situation may cause a feeling about something or someone to stand out to us, or maybe even tug on our heartstrings.

Lisa Rolling

In our youth, we might tend to think that we want to be like our parents, our Sunday school teacher, our coach or our schoolteacher. Positive influence breathes life into an open-minded person. Kindhearted people are a breath of fresh air to all age groups. Have you ever been around a negative person that never sees any good?  This negativity will bring you down if you aren’t careful.  Heroes come to be when someone reaches you, and brings out the very best inside of you. Their positive attitude is contagious.  They make you believe that you can fly as high as you desire. No one has ever had a negative, unkind or ungrateful person for his or her hero—have they? Think about it… Who Is Your Hero?

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Are they aware that you consider them your hero? If they don’t know, you should tell them.  What a shame it would be for your Hero to miss out on knowing that they have had such a wonderful impact on your life.

Whose Hero are you? We never know when someone is observing how we handle situations, or how we deal with what life throws at us —whether good or bad.

The lifeline for a Hero is Kindness. This trait is the glue for extraordinary people, and it’s free. There is never an excuse for unkindness! In a world where we can be anything…we all need to choose to be kind. Imagine how wonderful life would be if everyone decided to be kind to one another. Wow!

No More having to have the last word in an argument or feeling the need to retaliate when we have been mistreated.  The biblical way is to repay being wronged with kindness.  It makes our light shine brighter. And, after all, that is what matters-Our Light.  We are in control of the switch on our light. When we let someone steal our happiness then we lose control of our volume of light and positive influence. Before long, we might then become bitter. Bitterness keeps us from flying.  In order to soar with the eagles, we must fly higher than the common birds.  When this happens nothing reaches us but good. It’s a good thing to remain in a place where we can be who we really are and Love those around us and lift up the fallen. Love and kindness should be our very fiber.

So, confront your Hero. Tell them how much they mean to you.

We live in a world where, too often, all we hear about is hatred and division. Let’s all decide to be the hero in someone’s life, and start the wave of kindness in our world.

Nothing replaces kindness!