Town of Dozier no longer paying for deputy

Published 11:05 am Monday, February 20, 2017

At last Monday night’s February meeting of the Town Council of Dozier, it was decided that 30 days’ cancelation notice would be given to the Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office regarding deputy patrol in Dozier.

Henry Merrill, mayor of the Town of Dozier, spoke with Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell on Tuesday morning regarding the issue.

“I told him that the town people voted on it to put it on a 30-day notice, and he told me the contract ran out in 2014,” Merrill said.

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“So, he said there was no need in a 30-day notice. We left it at that, and I talked to the Housing Authority today to tell them what I was doing. So, we’re settling it today.”

Powell says the original 2014 contract was signed by then Crenshaw County Commission Chairman Ricky McElwain and former Mayor of Dozier Roger Moody.

“I told the mayor I didn’t need 30 days. Starting now, Dozier will be patrolled just like the rest of the county,” Powell said.

“The contract is expired. If the mayor wants to get together with the County Commission and myself to do another contract, that would be the proper procedure.”

According to Powell, the original contract went into effect on April 14, 2014, and ended in December of 2014.

“I wish them well. I told them if they wanted to start their police department back, I will be happy to help in any way I could,” Powell said.

In the meantime, the Town of Dozier will rely on assistance from 911 in case of emergencies; Powell says Dozier will still receive patrol visits by the Sheriff’s Office.

“We’re going to use 911 right now, and we’re looking at down the road having our own chief of police one day, but we just have to give it time and work on it,” Merrill said.