Super Foods restructures store model

Published 5:21 pm Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Super Foods of Greenville has converted its store to a new format, with items on the shelves priced at cost, and an additional 10 percent added at the checkout counter. 

Store manager Mike Viers said customers could expect an immediate reduction in overall price at the register.  “In my 40-plus years in the grocery store business I’ve had the opportunity to work in a cost plus 10 percent operation and have seen the model be extremely successful, especially to the customers,” Viers said.  “Customers are going to notice significant savings on their overall grocery receipt.”

Super Foods, owned by Big Bear of Luverne, Inc., has operated business at its Greenville Bypass location since 1977. 

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The company’s Luverne location, Food Depot of Luverne, has been in operation since 1971, implemented the cost plus 10 percent model in 2002. 

The revamped Super Foods model will continue to offer meat, dairy,   produce and bakery, and hot deli and food items just as a traditional grocery store, but all prices in the store are shown at cost. 

At cost-plus grocery, items are priced at cost on the shelves and a 10-percent surcharge is added at the register. 

The additional 10 percent is shown separately on the customer’s receipt.

“We are extremely excited to be able to bring customers more for less,” Viers said.  “Our goal is for customers to be able to put more food in their grocery basket for less money.” 

President and COO, John Wilson, said the change in format is one that positions the store to be more competitive with pricing, while continuing to provide a great shopping experience for customers.   

“Our goal is to offer quality items and affordable prices,” Wilson said.  “Super Foods has been serving the community since 1977 and we have the best customers.  We truly value our customers and we look forward to customers being able to see immediate change at the check-out counter going forward.”

The new format takes effect Feb. 1.