Bulldogs trample Flying Squadron, prepare for their battle with Tigers

Published 9:05 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Brantley Bulldogs defeated the Flying Squadron Tuesday night, and will play the Luverne Tigers on Friday at home.

The Brantley Bulldogs defeated the Flying Squadron Tuesday night, and will play the Luverne Tigers on Friday at home.

The Brantley High School Lady Bulldogs continue their streak of excellence after taking down Red Level at 57-28 last week and Highland Home at 48-26 this week.

Sadly, the Lady Bulldogs suffered a 52-30 loss at the hands of the Georgiana Panthers last Thursday, but they have not let that slow them down as they gear up to take on the Luverne Tigers tomorrow.

“At Georgiana, we missed a lot of shots and they put the pressure on us, so we didn’t play very well,” said BHS Varsity Girls Coach Roland Jones.

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“Last year we didn’t have many people who could score, and this year we have a lot of improvement. We have a long ways to go, but we are getting better each time we play.”

Leading way for Brantley against Red Level was Olivia Jones with five 3-pointer shots and 21 points. Following behind was Emory Bush with eight points and Aliyah Person with 13 rebounds

Leading the way for Brantley against Georgiana was Kassidy Wilcox with 10 points, followed by Aliyah Person with nine rebounds.

Leading the way for Brantley against their county rivals the Highland Home Lady Flying Squadron was Aliyah Person with 13 points, followed by Gabby Perkins with 10 points.

This now brings the Lady Bulldogs up to a record of 14-5 and 5-1 in area 3.  The Lady Bulldogs will take on the Lady Tigers at home on Friday.

“We would love to beat Luverne, but we’re worried more about our area than we are the other games,” Jones said.

“We’d love to win them all, but our mindset is not on that right now.”

The Bulldogs also suffered a loss of 68-51 at the hands of the Georgiana Panthers last week but rallied Tuesday night against the Flying Squadron.

Adrian Person Jr., led the Bulldogs against Georgiana with 17 points, followed close behind by Parker Driggers with 15.

“I was really proud of the way our guys competed in that game. I think we came out and played with a lot of energy and a lot of heart,” said BHS Varsity Boys Coach Andre Parks.

“Georgiana’s a good team, and they were able to wear us down and win the ballgame. I don’t think that the final score of the game is any indication of how the game was played. It was a back and forth game though most of the game, but then it got away from us at the end of the first quarter.”

Going up against the Flying Squadron, the Bulldogs took home the victory at 64-49.

Leading the Bulldogs against the Squadron was Adrian Person, Jr. with 27 points, followed by Mick Beverly with 15 points and six assists and Trey Lowry with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

With the end of the season coming for the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs, both coaches are working to keep the momentum of the teams going by reminding players of what all they’ve accomplished, while still looking to the future for bigger goals.

“This time of the year, it’s not as much about running plays and running set because the guys are comfortable with what we are doing,” Parks said.

“So, we take a big part of practice and work on skills and fundamentals. We set six game goals for our team each game, and we focus on trying to accomplish those goals. What we’ve found is that when we accomplish five to six of those goals in a game, winning takes care of itself. Winning is a byproduct of doing things the right way.”

The next game for the Bulldogs will take place at home on Friday against the Luverne Tigers.