Facebook post goes viral, Sheriff’s Office settles dispute

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When Savannah Heartsill first posted her grievance on Facebook, she did not realize how quickly the issue would be resolved.

Heartsill says that last week she was faced with problems on her road. During this time, she says that the dirt road was torn up due to speeding individuals and also from those individuals mud riding in the ditches in front of her house.

“We have asked on numerous occasions for them to stop, and that never did any good. If anything that made things worse,” she said.

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“They started doing it worse just to irritate us. I went to talk to them and knew that wouldn’t do any good. I actually called 911 while I was at the home. I had a deputy come out and I let them know everything that had happened, and he informed me that there wasn’t much that could be done seeing as the two boys were minors. He did say that he had made contact with one of the boy’s mother and the other’s grandmother, and informed them of the situation. From there it got worse.”

After the first encounter with the deputy, Heartsill says that the juveniles would continue to speed on the road at all hours of the day and night.

“I tried to contact one of the boys’ mothers via Facebook, and she would not respond. I had been told the boys were out bragging about what they had been doing, and so I felt like I needed to go public with the situation,” she says.

“I felt like posting it on a public platform like Facebook was the best way to have my voice heard.”

Heartsill says that the first time she called 911 for assistance she did not feel that the situation was calmed. After her Facebook post began receiving attention county wide and even into neighboring counties, she believes things were set into motion.

“I have talked to the folks involved and I think the situation is under control,” said Crenshaw County Sheriff Mickey Powell.

“I’ve talked to all parties and I think everything has been resolved. It could have gone both ways, but I think everything is smoothing out.”

Powell says that the biggest complaint, speeding on the dirt road, was immediately addressed due to the fact that the speed limit on dirt roads is 35 miles per hour.

Powell also noted that speeding on dirt roads is a problem all over the county.

“I must say that I am extremely pleased with the way Sheriff Powell has handled the situation. He and I have been in contact and I am hoping that this situation will be resolved,”Heartsill said.

“I want those boys to understand they are not only putting their lives in danger, but also everyone else’s lives they come in contact with when they are driving crazy. We are pleased with the sheriff and the way he is handling the situation and are proud to support him and his deputies. I will say this as well, I wish nothing but the best for those two boys and hope that they can get the guidance they need.”