Crenshaw gets new waste disposal system

Published 11:02 am Thursday, December 29, 2016

By: Shayla Terry

With the start of the new year, residents of Crenshaw County will no longer have their waste disposal handled by Advanced Disposal.

The Crenshaw County Commission chose not to renew its services with Advanced Disposal due to numerous complaints from residents.

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“In the last contractual term, we just had multiple issues with Advanced,” Commission Chairman Charlie Sankey Jr. said.

“We documented a lot of service interruption due to missed pick up and billing issues.”

Arrow Disposal Services, Inc. is now the official disposal company for Crenshaw County. They will begin servicing the county on Jan. 1.

Advance Disposal has already begun picking up their cans, while Arrow Disposal has begun delivering their cans to residents who have signed up within the county.

“We’re going to send everyone who signs up a sticker to be placed on the can,” Arrow Disposal Chief Executive Officer Richie Urrutia said.

“If you do not have the correct sticker, your services will be discontinued.”

Arrow’s sticker distribution is done quarterly based on payment. If you do not have the correct colored sticker issued that quarter, then your can will not be picked up.

“The color coding is going to help Arrow and the Commission know who is up to date with payment,” Sankey said.

“It keeps down confusion. Our customers are not going to have to go through the commission anymore with complaints. Arrow is going to handle all of that now.”

Urrutia says that he expects the transition to be a smooth one.

“Probably 95 to 96 percent of the routes will stay the same,” he said.

“If you were picked up on Monday, you’ll stay on Monday.”

Arrow has come highly recommended, as they also service Pike County.

“I’m excited about them getting up and running,” Sankey said. “I’ve talked to three or four commissioners from Pike County, and they have zero complaints. That’s what we need for our residents.”

Residents can sign up with Arrow Disposal by calling the Crenshaw County Courthouse, contacting the county’s Solid Waste Department or by calling Arrow’s toll free line at 1-866-440-3983.