Beasley sees positive future for the city of Luverne

Published 12:04 pm Thursday, December 1, 2016

By: Shayla Terry

Through the suggestion of a friend, Ed Beasley entered politics. Fast-forward 22 years, now he is the mayor of the city of Luverne.

Beasley was born and raised in Petrey. He is a graduate of Highland Home School. A barber by trade, he says he always knew he wanted to pursue the occupation.

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“I’ve wanted to be a barber since I was a little boy,” Beasley said. “My grandfather was blind. He mail ordered me a pair of clippers from Sears Roebuck in 1960. I then began cutting his hair.”

In 1971, Beasley made the transition to the city of Luverne. Once there he started his business, Ed’s Barbershop.

After observing that Crenshaw County needed a change, Beasley ran for county commission in 1994.

“I served four terms before deciding to retire,” he says.

“I took a six year break and decided to go back into politics.”

Beasley says that people approached him again about running for mayor, due to the fact that Dr. Pat Walker would not seek election.

“I talked to him personally, and he said he wasn’t going to run,” Beasley said.

“So I ran.”

After a runoff in October, Beasley secured the mayoral seat. He says he sees a positive future for the city of Luverne, and a new direction.

“We want to start by upgrading our technology,” he said.

“I would like to create a system where people can do online bill paying for utilities. That’s one of our priorities.”

Beasley also says he has plans to increase law enforcement, and to create more revenue for better pay.

“I’d like to see a bigger minority serving in different positions, especially in the police department,” he says.

With Beasley at the forefront, the Luverne City Council has also introduced new faces to its line up.

“It’s as fine a group of people that I have ever worked with,” he said.

“I think that this is one of the best group of councilmen that we’ve ever had.”

Beasley says he would like the citizens to see him lead by example.

“You have to prove to your constituents that you want to work, so that they will get fired up about the work.”

Along with serving as mayor, Beasley still works at his barbershop part-time on Fridays. Ed’s Barbershop has been open for over 40 years.