Various officials sworn into office at Greenville City Council meeting

Published 8:54 pm Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Outgoing Greenville Police Department chief Longzo Ingram (center) aids incoming chief Justin Lovvorn (left) in the swearing-in  ceremony.  Also pictured is Butler County Probate Judge Steve  Norman.

Outgoing Greenville Police Department chief Longzo Ingram (center) aids incoming chief Justin Lovvorn (left) in the swearing-in
ceremony. Also pictured is Butler County Probate Judge Steve

The members of the Greenville City Council, all of whom ran unopposed, were officially took office Monday night.

Butler County Probate Judge Steve Norman administered the oath of office to Mayor Dexter McLendon, District One Councilman Bryan Reynolds, District Two Councilman and new mayor pro tempore Ed Sims, District Three Councilman Tommy Ryan, District Four Councilman Jimmy Lawson and District Five Councilman Jeddo Bell during the Greenville City Council’s organizational meeting for 2016-2020 administration.

“This is something that means a lot to every person up here, and we take our job seriously,” McLendon said. “And we’re here to serve you and the people of this town and make this a better place and to create a better quality of life for everyone, especially our little ones.

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“I look forward to another great four years.”

Following the swearing in of the city council, McLendon presented Councilman Bell with a special plaque from the Alabama Legal Municipalities that recognized “a great guy, councilmember with the City of Greenville with 20 years of distinguished and dedicated service to the citizens of Greenville, for his efforts to strengthen the municipal government and promote the importance of understanding and progressing responsible public leadership.”

“It’s really an honor to receive this award,” Bell said. “Even more so, it’s been a pleasure working with all of the councilmembers here that’s sitting right here today.

“You hear about other cities that do not have the same opportunity that we have here and who do not get along, but I can certainly say that we do have the ability to say ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll work with you, whatever the case may be.’ We want to thank God and his goodness for this mayor and this council.”

Sims officially took over responsibilities as mayor pro tem in Bell’s stead Monday night, but McLendon reassured that Bell would continue to serve the council as much as his health would allow.

“For many years, Mr. Bell has served as mayor pro tem, and we’re about to point somebody different into this,” McLendon said. “It’s very important for everybody to know that we’re not pushing Mr. Bell out of this position.  He has asked that we let somebody else do that during these next four years.  He’s done a fabulous job and he’ll continue to do a fabulous job and be a part of everything that’s going on, but he felt like we needed to move in a different direction.”

Norman also administered the oath of office to new interim city clerk-treasurer Dee Blackmon, interim fire chief Timothy Warrick and Greenville Police Department chief Justin Lovvorn.

Outgoing Greenville Police Department chief Lonzo Ingram joined Lovvorn during the swearing-in ceremony.

“I just want you all to understand what a loving wife I have who agreed to allow Chief Ingram to stand with me during this swearing-in ceremony,” Lovvorn said.

“We talked about it before; it’s a special situation for the chief and I, and I’d be honored for him to stand alongside me during this time.”

In other business, the council approved the appointment of Hartley and Hickman as the city’s attorney.

McLendon will continue his 16-year run as the council’s representative for the Southeast Alabama Gas District Board.

Bell will likewise represent the council for the Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Greenville.

Resolution 2016-90 approved the appointment of council representation to various local boards, including Councilman Ryan to the Planning Commission, Mayor McLendon and Councilman Reynolds to the Butler County Commission for Economic Development, Councilman Reynolds to the Butler County Industrial Development Authority, Councilmember Lawson to the Greenville-Butler County Public Library Board, Councilmember Lawson to the Emergency Medical Services Board and Mayor McLendon, Councilman Reynolds, Councilmember Sims and Councilman Ryan to the Ordinance Review Committee.

Council also approved a resolution (2016-91) designating financial institutions as depositories for city funds and the mayor and city clerk as the city’s agents for deposit, transfer and investment of city funds among depositories.