Sport celebrates one year of retirement

Published 12:31 pm Thursday, October 27, 2016

By: Shayla Terry

On Oct. 26, former mayor Joe Rex Sport celebrated his first year of retirement. Sport served as mayor of Luverne from 2003 until 2015.

“I’ve stayed active as far as things going on in the city,” he said.

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“Whatever events that have been going on, I try to attend and support.”

Sport, an avid traveler, has taken advantage of his time by going on world adventures.

“About a week ago, I just got back from Ireland for 10 days,” Sport said.

“It was good. Me and my three sons flew into Dublin, and rented a car. I had never been to North Ireland.”

Since 2015, he also traveled to Germany.

“My youngest son was working in Munich,” Sport said.

“Again, me and my two sons flew over. We toured Southern Germany, Switzerland and France.”

Amid all his travels, Sport says he still misses his interactions with the people of Luverne.

“The thing in whatever job you’re in, if you leave it, the thing you will miss the most is the patrons and the associations you have with people,” he said.

“As a mayor, you have to miss the people.”

But Sport says he’s enjoyed the break from responsibility.

“As far as responsibility, it’s a bit of a relief,” he says.

“Being at home, I’m free to go where I want to go and do what I want to do.”

He also has kept up with the recent changes in government for the city of Luverne, especially mayoral changes.

“Ed Beasley brings a lot of expertise in government, and his has had a successful business,” Sport said.

“He has a lot of experience that fits well in the mayor’s office.”

The current mayor, Dr. Pat Walker succeeded Sport, and Sport says he has been pleased with Walker’s work.

“Dr. Walker is a super person, and he did an awesome job for the city of Luverne,” Sport said. “He’s made himself extremely available to his citizens and patients.”

In the future, Sport says he will always be involved with the community of Luverne.

“I’ve seen tremendous growth for the city,” he said.

“We have an excellent staff and citizens to see to its continuous growth.”