New impoundment vehicle to help with stray dogs

Published 12:11 pm Thursday, October 27, 2016

By: Shayla Terry

The city of Luverne now has an impoundment vehicle for the seizure of stray animals.

“What to do with strays has been a big problem coming before city council for the past two or three years,” Mayor of Luverne Dr. Pat Walker said.

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Since the city passed Ordinance 13-02, it has not had an impoundment vehicle.

“By law, we had the authority to pick up the strays, but we really did not have any way to pick them up,” Walker said.

The ordinance makes it unlawful for dogs to roam within city limits without a leash, rope or chain. Any dog found in violation of the ordinance can be impounded.

With the help of the Luverne Police Department, the city has secured all of the equipment necessary to catch and entrap strays.

“We have the truck and the cage now,” Walker said.

“The police have become more interested in assisting us with it.”

The impoundment vehicle will be operated by the Luverne Police Department.

Walker says the department has training classes in place to educate officers how to safely capture the animals.

Once captured, dogs will be taken to a local humane society center. Per the ordinance, dogs not claimed within seven days maybe sold at a public or private auction.

The impoundment vehicle will not patrol on a schedule. It can be called to retrieve an animal on an as needed basis.

Citizens may call in and request the vehicle through the police department or city hall. Full editions of Ordinance 13-02 can also be retrieved through the city hall of Luverne. The ordinance instructs fully how the city will govern animal control.

“We hope that this will alleviate some of the city’s stray dogs issue,” Walker said.

The Luverne Police Department can be contacted at 334-35-3334.

Luverne City Hall can be contacted at 334-335-3741.