Barker chosen for Montevallo’s DISCOVER Program

Published 6:48 pm Saturday, October 22, 2016

Greenville High School freshman Dakota Barker was chosen to represent Butler County as a participant in the University of Montevallo's DISCOVER Leadership Program.

Greenville High School freshman Dakota Barker was chosen to represent Butler County as a participant in the University of Montevallo’s DISCOVER Leadership Program.

Dakota Barker, a freshman student at Greenville High School, has been selected to be a part of the DISCOVER Leadership Program.

The DISCOVER Program is a partnership between the University of Montevallo and GEAR UP Alabama. The purpose of the DISCOVER Program is to educate students on how to navigate high school and be better prepared for being accepted to and attending college.

Students selected for this program will receive intensive mentorship, ACT support, college preparation support and guaranteed admission status, as well as a leadership scholarship to the University of Montevallo.

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The DISCOVER Program is a four-year program beginning in the fall of ninth grade and ending in the spring of 12th grade.

During her ninth-grade year, Barker will attend two session on “The Academic Road Map.”

The fall session (Oct. 19, 2016) featured Dr. Julius Shanks with emphasis on mentally preparing for the next three years, required tests and when to take them (PSAT, ACT, etc.), and opportunities available that students should participate in and why (SGA, academic clubs, etc.).

Angie Kelly, M.A., NCC, UPC, covered soft skills such as being respectful, building a resume and social awareness.

Students were also provided with information about the University of Montevallo and toured the campus.

During the spring session (April 5, 2017), Randi Tubbs, M.A., will cover developing strong study skills early on in high school, differences between high school and college and changing majors, how it happens and why it happens.

The students will hear from employers from various industries and learn how they are using their degrees in the industry.

Angie Kelly, along with the University of Montevallo Career Center will provide Holland Code testing to help students better understand their individual passions and strengths.

She is the daughter of Melissa Braxton and resides in Greenville.

Congratulations goes out to Dakota Barker, for she will do a dynamic job representing her family, community, GEAR UP Alabama, the Butler County Board of Education and Greenville High School.