Standoff with barricaded suspect ends in arrest

Published 5:03 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A standoff between the Greenville Police Department’s Special Response Team and a burglary suspect ended without injury Monday afternoon.

Harrison Charles Smith, a 29-year-old white male, was arrested and charged with burglary, resisting arrest and first-degree possession of marijuana following a lengthy standstill with law enforcement.

Greenville Police Department captain Justin Lovvorn said that officers responded to a residence on Pinedale Road in Greenville at approximately 3 p.m., where they were attempting to serve a felony burglary warrant on Smith. The warrant came from Jefferson County law enforcement, whose officers requested the aid of the Greenville Police Department in locating Smith.

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When officers arrived at the Pinedale Road residence, they observed both a male and a female occupant. When the female occupant welcomed officers into the house, the male subject was seen running up the stairs.

“The officers ordered the male subject to come down, but he refused,” Lovvorn said.

“Officers then cleared the first level of the house and tried to negotiate with the suspect upstairs; he refused to communicate.”

Officers then spoke with neighbors and learned that the suspect had been known to possess several firearms, and it was then that the Greenville Special Response Team was called to the location.

They also attempted to communicate with the suspect for a period of time, with no response.

The Special Response Team then made their way up to the house’s second floor and cleared it, though they were unable to locate the suspect there.

Upon further investigation, the team discovered an attic and proceeded to make a tactical entry, where the suspect was discovered barricaded behind several items.

“The Special Response Team was then able to extract the suspect without any injury to the suspect or officers,” Lovvorn said.

“He was arrested shortly after 5pm for the burglary warrant from Jefferson County, as well as resisting arrest and first-degree possession of marijuana.  Several Marijuana plants were found at the residence.”

Smith is being held in the Butler County Jail, where he will await extradition by Jefferson County once he has made bond on his current charges in Greenville.