Bulldogs prepare to take on Lions

Published 3:14 pm Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BHS senior wide receiver Tommy Spivey snags the ball at the beginning of the fourth.

BHS senior wide receiver Tommy Spivey snags the ball at the beginning of the fourth.

In the rivalry match of the season, the Brantley High School Bulldogs took to the field with one goal in mind: Beat Luverne. This mantra filled the stands and was emblazoned on the shirts of many fans, but even that support could not change the final outcome of the much anticipated rivalry game.

The Luverne High School Tigers walked away with a 40-33 victory that night, but the Bulldogs are ready to take this loss and move on to their next challenge.

“I thought it would be a close game. I thought both teams were pretty evenly matched, and I felt like it would come down to the end, which it did,” said BHS Head Coach Ashley Kilcrease.

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“I think we had a much better effort than we did against Georgiana. We still have some things to clean up and get better on, one of those being we have to tackle better.”

The Bulldogs made it to the scoreboard first with a touchdown by senior quarterback Jacob Free with a 68-yard run and 11:09 left in the first quarter; junior tight end Nathan Renfroe attempted the kick, but no extra point was earned. This brought the Bulldogs ahead 6-0.

The Tigers tied the score, then passed the Bulldogs at 13-6, but a touchdown with a 3-yard run by junior running back Mack Wise brought the Bulldogs up to an almost tie game. With the extra point earned, the game was once again tied 13-13 with 2:07 left in the first.

In the second quarter, the Tigers took the lead as they scored a touchdown. Following close behind them, a touchdown by Free with a 2-yard run and extra kick earned by senior defensive end Tucker Owens helped the Bulldogs gain the high ground as they took control at 20-19.

With 1:42 left in the second quarter, an interception by sophomore wide receiver Parker Driggers and an extra point earned gave the Bulldogs an added boost as the game went into half-time. The score was 27-19 in favor of the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs put no points on the board in the third quarter, and the Tigers pulled ahead by two touchdowns; this brought the score up to 34-27 going into the fourth.

The final Bulldog touchdown was brought home by Wise in the fourth with a 1-yard run and no extra point earned with 6:09 left in the fourth, bringing the score up to 34-33 in favor of the Tigers. A blocked kick by a Tiger running back kept the Bulldogs from tying. The Tigers were victorious at 40-33.

“It was a hard fought game, and a tough loss. But Luverne executed better and did the small things right, which allowed them to get the win,” said senior wide receiver Tommy Spivey.

This week the Bulldogs will travel to Houston County High School to take on the Lions.

Even though the recent loss to the Tigers may still be on the minds of the players, Kilcrease says that they are all getting ready to move on to the next challenge and continue to give each game their all.

“I give Luverne a lot of credit. They had a good plan, and they played really well. It came down to the end and they got it done. It’s tough when you’re playing your rival and you’re at home,” Kilcrease said.

“We’re disappointed, but all of our goals are still before us. Houston County is 4-2. They have a very athletic team, probably as athletic as our last two opponents. We’re going to have to do a good job of getting better on defense and tackling.”