Johnson to run for City Council, District One

Published 10:11 am Monday, August 15, 2016

Charlie (Cuz) Johnson has announced his candidacy for Luverne City Council, District One.

“Votes for me are votes to keep service based on true knowledge ripened with wisdom,” Johnson said.

“For the next four years, keep this councilman who has earned the Alabama League of Municipalities (ALM) professional certified city official and advanced certified city official.”

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Johnson is currently serving Luverne in District One, is the liaison between the city council and the park board and is the Mayor Pro Tem.

“This board, which I am chairman of, is providing some recreational opportunities second to none in the state of Alabama,” he said.

“Huge plans are being developed that will provide more activities for all our citizens.”

Johnson was elected by the council and is the voting delegate at the ALM.

“The league is a very important resource for Luverne,” he said.

“The water board is providing citizens services that are needed for our way of life. The board will soon need improvements in District One.”

Johnson has recently been appointed liaison between the city council and the Downtown Merchants Association, which he says is a challenging situation.

“Main Street Alabama concept will make the city better for all,” he said.

“A friendly mayor and council will make the difference in developing the concept.”

Johnson is a member of the ALM committee on transportation, public safety and communication, which play a much-needed role to make a better way of life for the citizens according to Johnson.

He was recently appointed to the board of directors of South Central Alabama Development Commission, which makes useful provisions for all who qualify.

“District One is very special to me. I would love to continue this great work for the citizens of this city, by way of this district, for the next four years.”